Trailers, Big No No!

2017 is here and I’m sure it is preparing everyone with big surprises. One of those would be the anticipated movies that will be showing this year – Beauty and the Beast, Fifty Shades Darker, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Logan, Justice League, Spiderman: Homecoming, The Fate of the Furious, Pitch Perfect 3, Anabelle 2, and the list goes on and on.

With these upcoming movies come the movie trailers. (FYI, there are actually companies who make the trailers, not just the movie production team. I’ve learned it from one movie, though.)  Trailers are merely snippets of the movies. And I know that people watch these short clips from the movies to clench their craving for it. It makes them think. It makes them wonder and get all excited about it. I think that these companies, which make the movie trailers, make it appoint to present the highlights of the story. But, in truth, it is actually sad, at least for me.

I HATE TRAILERS.  I dislike watching trailers.

Trailers are the major spoilers on the planet. (Okay, I might be a little exaggerating there.) It is kind of dumb to know what lies ahead before you actually see it – before you experience the moment.  And, it just makes you see the good parts in the movie.

We must not deprive ourselves with some element of surprise. 

Maybe, me hating trailers started when I watched this drama movie. I watched the trailer of this movie, which I forgot what it was. The story – at least what is presented in the trailer – is very intriguing, so I watched it online. Then, only to find out, it disappointed me. It wasn’t the best drama movie I have ever watched. I swear I really forgot the title of this movie. It was years ago that I have watched this movie but what I can remember is the plot was weak and the setting was dull.

Henceforth, I never (okay, an understatement) watched a trailer since. Maybe, I’ve watched some, but I think those were the movie trailers for action movies and animated ones.

I hate getting spoiled with what is coming. Don’t you want to not know what is going to happen when you watch a movie?

Honestly, I don’t even watch those few seconds of preview for the next episodes of TV series. I just skipped to the next one at once or close it. The thing I hate the most are the trailers for upcoming soap operas on Philippine TV. Like damn! They have this 5-minute trailers of the plot of the whole teleserye. I remember saying once after watching a trailer (I think it was the upcoming TV series of Bea Alonzo and Ian Veneracion), “Ay grabe! Ayoko nang panuorin. Alam ko na story.” At the beginning of the trailer, I thought of  wanting to watch it, but then, the trailer won’t just stop. Wala na. It gave me the gist of the story. Bummer. Spoiler!

Judge me. Say I’m crazy. Yes, I am different (because I want to be).

But that is just me and my out-of-the-box mind.

Life is better when you are spontaneous. Do not overload yourself with things you should not worry about that much. Let the world surprise you, and you will be amazed.

Live for the Spectacular Now 🙂



I Teach to Inspire

I am currently halfway through my practice teaching. As of now, I’ve already felt how hard it can be to become a teacher, as well as how fun it is.

I used to tell myself that I’ll be that uptight teacher but funny teacher. But now, I think I can’t be like that; instead, be that kind and approachable teacher and strict at times needed. I don’t like my students to fear me. I want them to respect me out of likeness (or even love). I deeply value words of affection and at the same time the act of having to discipline them accordingly.

I don’t want my students to take me for granted. It is important to touch them with your words.

One time, the lesson I was asked to teach is about personal challenges. All we did in class was to talk about their problems and difficulties within themselves. image I was so touched to learn that the activity brought something good to my students. They liked the activity because they felt light and free after it. They learned how to trust and not to judge other people. They knew that they will have that special friend in their class that they can always rely on. It’s overwhelming to hear that kind of feedback from my students. One of my students even cried having her remember her challenges in life. I sort of panicked for a moment because I didn’t know what to say to make her feel better. (Well, I just told her that it will go away soon).

As for my last part of the lesson, I said these words (as I can recall it):

We all experience challenges in our lives, whether if it’s small or big, even within our family, our friends or lovelife. Even if it’s as simple as sitting on the throne, on your toilet, trying as hard so it will come out (and my students laugh at this). Or a big problem in your academics, challenging you to get good grades. Whatever challenges you face in life, I want you to say these words:

image “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” (if they only knew how Barney Stinson interpreted this) After that, I told them one of my challenges in life which is my heart condition. I got them all staring at me and paid attention. I told them how difficult my situation is and how controlled my life is right now. That I feel tons of fear when it attacks. But then I get to tell them… even if I felt so nervous to share it to them.

What do I do when it happens? I stay calm and not panic. And I just tell myself that everything will be alright. Always be positive…

It feels so wonderful to be able to let your students realize that challenges are parts of our lives. We don’t have to be afraid because our challenges teaches us to be stronger, wiser, and braver. It teaches us to get up for the 8th time when we fell for 7 times.

I’m still a practice teacher but I felt like I have already inspired my students even just a little – I really do hope so. I know that is God’s purpose for me, 🙂 I know that is what He wants for  my life… to inspire young minds for a better future.

Thank You God for everything, for making me who You want me to be 🙂

One Heck of a Pitch

Movie Junkie/ Movie Critic Alert!

I have watched the sequel of Pitch Perfect and I just can’t get over it!



The movie is filled with events that showed the progress of the Barden Bellas as they show their amazing talent through performing. Even though there a lot of different scenes from different kinds of setting, the transition was good. The story line was fun-filled. From the very first minutes of the movie, it already had you laughing so hard. (True. No joke! It really will)

A Capella is really a tremendous form of singing. Every performance in the movie is really stunning. It showcased how A Capella has different varieties. You will really enjoy watching, especially for music enthusiasts.
It deeply captivates that you’ll find yourself saying “Wow!”

Pitch Perfect is a must-watch movie not just because it’s a sequel like the Avengers: Age of Ultron or Fast and the Furious 7 that you have to watch to know the story.

You have to watch this movie because it is worth every penny.

It will make you laugh, amaze you and touch you…

It teaches you to push for your passion and to dare you to be unique and to be different.

I’m proud, too, because Hailee Steinfield, who is partly Filipino, is in the movie and was stunned that she has a pretty voice. (Well, no doubt about that, I guess… she’s Filipino for heaven’s sake)

If you have watch the first movie a hundred times, you will watch Pitch Perfect 2 a million times!

Fifty Shades of Grey is Not Porn

Before my friends and I watch the movie, we were really excited about it (just like everybody else). We didn’t know how the movie will interpret the book. Everyone is talking about it. The social media is just flooding with praises and ofcourse, bashes of the movie. It was very controversial in terms of its sexual appeal and liberated theme. The fans of the book even died (well, almost dying) to know the actors that will be given the role of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, which apparently landed on Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Everyone has their own fantasies. Some people who have read the book maybe disappointed. I was. When I finished the first book, I was like “What the hell? Is this serious? Is the book all about sex and nothing else?” I thought it was very idealistic and a fantasy. Since I was left hanging from the ending of the first book, I continued reading the second book entitled Fifty Shades Darker. I started to like it because it made sense and became more interesting. I even fell inlove with it (maybe with Christian Grey only). There is already a spice in it other than sex.

It is about how a person changes the other or how both of them change in becoming this inseparable couple.

Then, I finished the last book Fifty Shades Freed. There was more than just sex, there was romance – real feelings. The movie is indeed not bad at all!!! People somewhat overreacted on how sexual it’s gonna be. Well it is, for underaged but I don’t see it that way. There are some scenes maybe a bit sexually brutal. Well, in the first part of the movie me and my friends were laughing at Ana Steele (in a good way) because of her being so naive and funny. And I think every girl would dream for a Christian Grey in their lives – rich, handsome, and maybe they would also consider a control freak. Some maybe disappointed upon watching the movie. They just don’t get it. Most people see it as trash just like some say about book. I can’t imagine how a person like E.L. James has a huge imagination and wide vocabulary to write the Fifty Shades trilogy. As a fan, the movie didn’t disappoint me at all. I was happily satisfied. Jamie and Dakota gave justice in portraying the characters, and I salute them for being so bold (brave not nude, or maybe both) about it. The essence of the book is evident. I can’t wait for the sequel! 🙂

Film Criticizing Filipino Movies

Last December 29, 2014, my family and I went to watch one of the movie entries in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. I’m a Movie Junkie, so I can’t help but to criticize the film.

First of all, it was morbid. It’s kind of a gross movie. And I really hate those kinds of movie that’s disgusting. (Although it wasn’t all through out). The quality of the movie seems to me has dark lightings. Well, maybe because they intend to do it on purpose. I didn’t like how they shot the different angles, and how I got dizzy – but only on few scenes. Some lines are a bit corny but funny still. The plot was a bit short and fast-paced. Although, I already know why they do it – cut through details and get to the main point. Oh, the song they use in the credits was horrible! It supposed to mean a lot because it should be able to make the audience what the director would want them to feel. But they failed at that, seriously.

Anyway, I am glad I have watched it because it gave me some insights. I may have underestimate the power of Filipinos in making films and TV series but I will always believe in our capacity to improve. We are better at some things. But still, there are times wherein we can’t help stereotype SOME Philippine Films.

I’ve watched tons of Filipino movies. I remember when I was kid, I used to hang out on Cinema One. I kept watching Filipino stuffs over and iver again. (So, I guess I really don’t have much of a colonial mentality – maybe I just grew up and liked Hollywood alot)
I know it’s hard to be like Hollywood – ofcourse it is. Hollywood is Hollywood. We can never compete with that. All I’m saying, we have an entire life to make some improvements to become better at making films 🙂

One Desparate Movie Junkie

Because I am so tired from paying a visit to the dead from Manila North Cemetery – one of the biggest cemetery in the country, not to mention, the most crowded one. Soooo, I am so desperate to watch a movie, and I am having a dilemma.

I was asking my sister what to watch. I asked her which actor is good to watch: Ryan Reynolds? Blake Lively? Leonardo? Jude Law? Amanda Seyfried? I don’t wanna watch action because I don’t want to have thrilled emotions. I don’t want sci-fi because I don’t want to process my mind. I am also not up to watching drama, I don’t want to feel sad. I would want rom-com, but too cliche.

So I found myself typing ‘comedy movies’ on google search. Too much for Movie Junkie? 😀

And I end up choosing ‘Wedding Crashers’ starring Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams. Let’s see if it would satisfy me. :)))

Holidays are for forgetting reality and just having some time to think…

Last night, well actually from midnight til 2 am, I was up watching this movie called ‘The Holiday’ starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Black Jack. I thought it would be just another romantic sucker movie but I was wrong, partly. Ofcourse every romantic movie has a common denominator – you know who ends up in the end, or who falls in love, and that there will always be a happy ending (well not all, for example ‘One Day’) I don’t know if I just exaggerated my emotions or it was really a great movie. Or maybe because I was just looking for something to make me feel great. Anyways, it was totally a worth it movie to stay up all night.

It is amazing how sometimes when you try to move on, you can’t, unless you found someone new. (Oh, wait I think I can relate, just kidding) Yah, but that is true. So the two leading ladies in the movie switch places – England and Los Angeles. They both wanted space to forget this particular guy who broke their hearts. Then, it turns out, they meet someone which was related to the other person – which ofcourse they fall in love with.

Cutting it short. It made me feel so inlove. In the case of Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, the words Jude Law said: ‘I’m running out of reasons why we shouldn’t’. He said this upon asking Cameron on a date, having her known for days. I think it was the sweetest tag line I have ever heard. It was smooth but really sweet. I liked it when Kate Winslet and Black Jack both said ‘no’ to another chance from the person who hurt them.

No matter how much you want to make it work, sometimes, some things just don’t fit together. That is why you have to let go of something or someone that holds you back. It is important to be happy for yourself, and not because you made someone happy. Yes, it may seem too selfish but I think that is good, because the most important person to love is yourself.

But seriously, I found myself saying these words out loud while I was watching: “Oh My God! This movie is so GREAT! Exactly what I needed.” I am a huge fan of romantic-comedy movies. People may see me as hopeless romantic or a sucker for love, well, I call it meditating =D. It is the time for me to be relaxed. It’s the only time when I feel loved just like how the characters feel loved. I may not be experiencing being in love at the moment but through these movies, I gain experience.

But there is a downside, I know. In the end, I’ll realize these are all fantasies, not all of it happen in real life. Well, that part sucks, and that is why Hollywood is very influential. They make you feel and realize things but then they are all stories made up by professional writers. But, hey! Who cares?! As long as you feel that satisfaction and bliss… keep dreaming, keep believing. Then later, you’ll find yourself directing your own movie.

To sum it up, watch this movie ‘The Holiday’ tell me if I just overwhelmed myself too much or if it is indeed a good movie 🙂