Trailers, Big No No!

2017 is here and I’m sure it is preparing everyone with big surprises. One of those would be the anticipated movies that will be showing this year – Beauty and the Beast, Fifty Shades Darker, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Logan, Justice League, Spiderman: Homecoming, The Fate of the Furious, Pitch Perfect 3, Anabelle 2, and the list goes on and on.

With these upcoming movies come the movie trailers. (FYI, there are actually companies who make the trailers, not just the movie production team. I’ve learned it from one movie, though.)  Trailers are merely snippets of the movies. And I know that people watch these short clips from the movies to clench their craving for it. It makes them think. It makes them wonder and get all excited about it. I think that these companies, which make the movie trailers, make it appoint to present the highlights of the story. But, in truth, it is actually sad, at least for me.

I HATE TRAILERS.  I dislike watching trailers.

Trailers are the major spoilers on the planet. (Okay, I might be a little exaggerating there.) It is kind of dumb to know what lies ahead before you actually see it – before you experience the moment.  And, it just makes you see the good parts in the movie.

We must not deprive ourselves with some element of surprise. 

Maybe, me hating trailers started when I watched this drama movie. I watched the trailer of this movie, which I forgot what it was. The story – at least what is presented in the trailer – is very intriguing, so I watched it online. Then, only to find out, it disappointed me. It wasn’t the best drama movie I have ever watched. I swear I really forgot the title of this movie. It was years ago that I have watched this movie but what I can remember is the plot was weak and the setting was dull.

Henceforth, I never (okay, an understatement) watched a trailer since. Maybe, I’ve watched some, but I think those were the movie trailers for action movies and animated ones.

I hate getting spoiled with what is coming. Don’t you want to not know what is going to happen when you watch a movie?

Honestly, I don’t even watch those few seconds of preview for the next episodes of TV series. I just skipped to the next one at once or close it. The thing I hate the most are the trailers for upcoming soap operas on Philippine TV. Like damn! They have this 5-minute trailers of the plot of the whole teleserye. I remember saying once after watching a trailer (I think it was the upcoming TV series of Bea Alonzo and Ian Veneracion), “Ay grabe! Ayoko nang panuorin. Alam ko na story.” At the beginning of the trailer, I thought of  wanting to watch it, but then, the trailer won’t just stop. Wala na. It gave me the gist of the story. Bummer. Spoiler!

Judge me. Say I’m crazy. Yes, I am different (because I want to be).

But that is just me and my out-of-the-box mind.

Life is better when you are spontaneous. Do not overload yourself with things you should not worry about that much. Let the world surprise you, and you will be amazed.

Live for the Spectacular Now 🙂


One Heck of a Pitch

Movie Junkie/ Movie Critic Alert!

I have watched the sequel of Pitch Perfect and I just can’t get over it!



The movie is filled with events that showed the progress of the Barden Bellas as they show their amazing talent through performing. Even though there a lot of different scenes from different kinds of setting, the transition was good. The story line was fun-filled. From the very first minutes of the movie, it already had you laughing so hard. (True. No joke! It really will)

A Capella is really a tremendous form of singing. Every performance in the movie is really stunning. It showcased how A Capella has different varieties. You will really enjoy watching, especially for music enthusiasts.
It deeply captivates that you’ll find yourself saying “Wow!”

Pitch Perfect is a must-watch movie not just because it’s a sequel like the Avengers: Age of Ultron or Fast and the Furious 7 that you have to watch to know the story.

You have to watch this movie because it is worth every penny.

It will make you laugh, amaze you and touch you…

It teaches you to push for your passion and to dare you to be unique and to be different.

I’m proud, too, because Hailee Steinfield, who is partly Filipino, is in the movie and was stunned that she has a pretty voice. (Well, no doubt about that, I guess… she’s Filipino for heaven’s sake)

If you have watch the first movie a hundred times, you will watch Pitch Perfect 2 a million times!


As my sister said and I quote;

“The concert was so effing effing AWESOMEEE!!!”

We didn’t have tickets.
We weren’t inside the venue.
But we were there outside for the music…

Before I go to the details of the concert, let’s have a little back story:
Last year we tried to get these Titanium tickets for One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour but we didn’t push through with it. There were too many people, too many fans that craved for the tickets. So did we but we’re just so unfortunate. I really wanted to attend that I cried overnight because I can’t get tickets. I tried though. But that didn’t stop me from experiencing 1D on my own way 🙂

Since the venue was at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds (open area), we decided to watch from the outside along with the team ‘Seaside’ (located outside the venue near the seaside), the hopefuls. We watched through the big screen, and it wasn’t so bad. We saw them, even when they walked along the runway that we get to see them through this small opening in the VIP section. I’m okay with it. I was satisfied enough.

I’m a Juan Directioner and I am proud of it…
Don’t care if people judge me because I like this boy band. They don’t know their songs but I do. They don’t know how much I admire them. But I am not one of those obsessive die-hard fans that cry in a very overacting way when they see their idol.

The concert started at exactly 10 minutes to 9 pm. The whole crowd, both attendees and hopefuls, went wild when the boys came in and sang their first song ‘No Control’. Everybody was so overwhelmed, that they cried – tears of joy. And me and my concert buddy, my sister, were singing at the top of our lungs! 🙂

Beforehand, the 1D staff have told the public that Zayn Malik couldn’t continue with the shows because he has to fly back to UK. They released a statement saying that Zayn is stressed lately that he needs to rest. It said that he is stressed because some picture of him with a girl came out when they were in Thailand when actually he has a fiance, Perrie Edwards from the girl British band Little Mix.
He couldn’t take all the mean stuffs that people throw at him. I find it very unprofessional. I mean I get it that he is a human being like us but he is a superstar. He has a duty to his fans. He disappointed alot of girls. Some of the fans outside even cried when they heard the part of the song that was supposed to be Zayn’s. They really cried, they really cried ugly. (No Offense) I just find it very disturbing. Then, I realized “(insert curse word) Zayn is not here” I found myself a little bit teary because I was annoyed. One Direction is here but without Zayn – Wrong Direction.

It’s not One Direction without effing Zayn Malik ;(

Even then, the boys gave us a performance of a life time :))

I have here lists of what I hate and what I love from the concert…

Things that I hate from the concert:
1. I hate that they always start a song by introducing the title, “Stockholm Syndrome, everyone!” – like element of surprise, please!?!
2. I hate it when they end every song, they shout “MANILAAA!!!” Then, the crowd goes wild.
3. I hate it that they repeatedly said:
“This is one of the best gigs we’ve ever had!” And the likes… which you know that they always say in every single concert.
4. I HATE THAT ZAYN MALIK WAS NOT AROUND ;(( because he is my favorite ❤

Things that I love from the concert ❤ ❤ <3:
1.I love that One Direction is in Manila!
2. I love that they are so handsome!
Not to mention, Harry’s Hotness, Niall’s Cuteness, Liam’s cockiness and Louis’ unique voice.
3. I love the staging – big screen and a long runway.
4. I love that we saw them :))
5. I love their British accents, especially Naill Horan’s adorable Irish accent.
6. I love how much they love their fans.
7. I love how the concert ended with a beautiful fireworks display.

Here is the list of all the songs they sang in order:

No Control
Steal My Girl
Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Midnight Memories
Kiss You
Stockholm Syndrome
Ready to Run
Better than Words
Where You belong
Little Things
Night Changes
One Thing
What Makes You Beautiful
Through the Dark
Girl Almighty
Story of My Life
You and I
Little White Lies
Best Song Ever

This has been one of the Fun Nights that I have ever in my life! :)))

I will forever cherish this experience 🙂 even if we weren’t really inside the concert, we still saw them, we heard them, we screamed and we sang along with them :))

They are such amazing performers.
I really love the way how they connect to their fans. They made them feel special like the concert was all about them. They made sure that their fans are loved especially when the group dedicated the song Where You Belong that Naill wrote. He wrote it to remind him that no matter how much success they have in life, they won’t forget where they belong; that all of these are made possible because of their endearing fans.

The band ended the concert singing to the Best Song Ever, and everyone was like happy enjoying themselves especially when the wonderful fireworks began.

It was a very unforgettable experience. A spectacular night, indeed.

Even though I didn’t get to attend the concert, I’m glad that I was out there. We really enjoyed it.
I am happy that I got the opportunity.<3

Ed Sheeran Live in Manila 031215

Ed Sheeran, the ginger-head singer from UK held his concert this 12th day of March. It was a sold out concert. There’s no surprise to it because Ed is considered as one of the biggest names in the music industry. He is a superstar. He brought his soulful pop music and gave inspiration to millions of people around the world.

When you are given the opportunity, take it because you’ll never know when will you get another chance like it again.

When we knew that more seats will be available for the concert, we really took the chance to watch the concert. Our dad was the one who went to the ticket outlet so early to fall in line and get us some tickets. Luckily and so fortunate, we got tickets out of the few more hopefuls and desperate ones.

I wasn’t that excited a week or even days before the concert because my mind’s so occupied with school stuffs. It was just the day before that I realized I don’t have any to wear.

The concert was on a Thursday, a school day, so we just went straight to the venue coming from school. When we got into our seats, we realized that we were really one of the hopefuls and desperate ones. Our view is where you are literally already few feet from the ceiling and your head can lean on the wall. That’s how far we are from the stage, compare to our seats when we watched The Vamps in Manila last February 1.

Well, nothing of it matters as long as we are in the place where in a few minutes Ed Sheeran will serenade us with his amazing songs. The concert was so simple but beautiful. He just went up the stage and just did his own thing – with his guitar and his loop pedals. He is such an amazing performer.

When he started singing, I was overwhelmed, and so were the thousands Sheerios there. I literally want to cry so bad because I can’t believe it’s Ed Sheeran!!!

He made us fall inlove.

He captured our hearts especially when he sang one of my favorite songs, Photograph that the fans started flashing their lights. And it was bright and beautiful.
I list down all of the songs (I might have missed one or two songs).

This experience is one of the best nights of my life 🙂 I can’t believe that I was there. I’ve been inlove with his music and style for so long. I admire him so much even though he is not that handsome, but I can’t deny that he is so adorable. ED-ORABLE
And I’m so glad that I got to share it with my concert buddy, my sister, and her bestfriend.
Even though Ed left us hanging with his last song – us singing the ‘oh-woah-oh’ part of the song Sing and clapping our hands – and then he just walked off the stage, I will still forever love him and his music.

Fifty Shades of Grey is Not Porn

Before my friends and I watch the movie, we were really excited about it (just like everybody else). We didn’t know how the movie will interpret the book. Everyone is talking about it. The social media is just flooding with praises and ofcourse, bashes of the movie. It was very controversial in terms of its sexual appeal and liberated theme. The fans of the book even died (well, almost dying) to know the actors that will be given the role of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, which apparently landed on Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Everyone has their own fantasies. Some people who have read the book maybe disappointed. I was. When I finished the first book, I was like “What the hell? Is this serious? Is the book all about sex and nothing else?” I thought it was very idealistic and a fantasy. Since I was left hanging from the ending of the first book, I continued reading the second book entitled Fifty Shades Darker. I started to like it because it made sense and became more interesting. I even fell inlove with it (maybe with Christian Grey only). There is already a spice in it other than sex.

It is about how a person changes the other or how both of them change in becoming this inseparable couple.

Then, I finished the last book Fifty Shades Freed. There was more than just sex, there was romance – real feelings. The movie is indeed not bad at all!!! People somewhat overreacted on how sexual it’s gonna be. Well it is, for underaged but I don’t see it that way. There are some scenes maybe a bit sexually brutal. Well, in the first part of the movie me and my friends were laughing at Ana Steele (in a good way) because of her being so naive and funny. And I think every girl would dream for a Christian Grey in their lives – rich, handsome, and maybe they would also consider a control freak. Some maybe disappointed upon watching the movie. They just don’t get it. Most people see it as trash just like some say about book. I can’t imagine how a person like E.L. James has a huge imagination and wide vocabulary to write the Fifty Shades trilogy. As a fan, the movie didn’t disappoint me at all. I was happily satisfied. Jamie and Dakota gave justice in portraying the characters, and I salute them for being so bold (brave not nude, or maybe both) about it. The essence of the book is evident. I can’t wait for the sequel! 🙂

A Story of Three Friends

Me and my two other best buds namely Ben & Kevin were on a road trip and then we got bored so we decided to write a short story on my notepad…


May tatlong magkakaibigan, dalawang babae at isang lalaki.
Nakasakay sila sa isang jeep, naglalakbay sa kawalan – gawain ng mga taong walang magawa.
Biglang may lumabas na tao sa inodorong puno ng dumi.
Ganda’y di inakala na ako’y nabigla at muling naniwala sa pag-ibig.
Ako’y lumapit at tinanong ang kanyang pangalan.
Yun pala ubod ng baho ang hininga kaya’t sinampal ko at tinadyakan ko siya.
Ayon, bungal!
Biglang napulot ang natanggal na ngipin,
Nilunok at sumigaw ng “Darna!”
Ayun patay!
Patay ‘di ngipin nalunok, bubog pala.

– Acenas, Galvez & Manlangit (2015)

Bow! 🙂

Clingy to Basketball

I have mentioned before in one of my blogs that I am a sporty person. There is always gonna be a part of me that is interested in sports. It’s one of my passions in life. Though I’m really not a sports fanatic when it comes to known athletes and teams. I have a brother who is 3 years older than me. He is my sports buddy, in the family, or maybe ever in my life, especially when it comes to Basketball (or just any sport of his interest). Well, we also talk about amazing stuffs about nature (i.g. animals), news, food, some of politics, exercise, basically, life – anything facts. That’s our relationship.


My brother is actually smart. I remember he used to watched TV and would always tune in to National Geographic channel. He also told me a few times how he reads the headlines in Yahoo News. He knows a lot. It’s just unfortunate that he didn’t exercise his mental capability to do something about it. All he wants to do is just play basketball – out in the court or play Xbox’s NBA 2K15. Basketball is practically his life, in the moment.

So we usually talk about basketball stuffs (but not so much that a girl can’t handle). I think it started when I began to sit with him in the living room while we watch basketball on TV. It was NBA Basketball Play-Offs during the time of Dallas Mavericks VS Boston Celtics, I think. I remember I was in my Senior year in high school. Everyone was talking about it, so I got interested. I rooted for Mavericks because I used to like Dirk Nowitzki when I was kid. I thought he was amazing; and he proved it in that season by becoming the MVP.

Then, it became consistent. I always liked the team that is humble, practically what Kuya likes, too. The last NBA Finals was between San Antonio Spurs versus Miami Heat. I was in favor of Spurs because I didn’t want Miami Heat to win, I don’t want Lebron to win. (Sorry Heat fans. Lebron is a great basketball player but he is just so proud and arrogant.) My brother explained me how Spurs is composed of Basketball players of different nationalities. And I think that is pretty cool that different people coming from different cultures came together, building up one strong basketball team. They showed that behind all their differences they learn how to understand one another, and that is what you call cooperation and teamwork.

I also watch with my brother PBA basketball games on TV. He even had a chance to watch it live in Araneta Coliseum – I was supposed to go with him but I was in school that time. He also told me how PBA works; and introduced to me how great are PBA players. (I actually have a crush on Mark Pingris because he is not only good but also handsome, obviously. Who wouldn’t have a crush on good basketball players? I myself is in to them, big time. Their practically my type.)

Anyway, I am not really to talk about NBA or PBA stuffs. I am writing about how I really love to watch a basketball game. Especially when my Brother is playing.

Basketball is not really an easy sport. I tried playing a few times but all I get to do to enjoy it is by shooting hoops. Back in high school, our PE class gave us the opportunity to do different sports. The boys are separated from the girls. So, there was this one time when we played a basketball game; and I really think it was funny when girls play. It’s really weird to see them all going after the ball. Everyone is hungry for it and desperately hoping to shoot into the basket. That is why volleyball is my sport because you get your own designated area and playing position. You can enjoy without having such riot. And besides the fact that there is no physical contact with the opponent.


My brother is pretty good at playing basketball. It is his passion. Whenever there are guest players in our village, he is always in demand. I have seen him play a hundred times, he heats up the game. Well, I guess I’m one of his biggest fans and his ultimate supporter.

There are times when I go out in the afternoon to walk my dogs, I always stop by at the basketball court and watch the game. Sometimes (or maybe most of the times) I’ve been mistaken for hanging out at the court because people think I want some attention from the boys, but That’s Not It! I spend some time there because…
1. I want to watch how great my brother plays.
2. I evaluate the other players – who’s good and who needs improvement.
3. For knowledge. I observe them and their techniques and how the game goes. I came to learn how basketball works.

For your information, my brother is kind of “on top” of the social pyramid in our village. He is kind of the leader of the gang. Some people are “terrified” of him. He is what we call in Filipino “maangas” – it means proud and includes the quality of the bad boys. Well, that’s basketball. They are boys. So, with all these, it makes all the boys in our place avoid doing something bad to me, because I’m the sister. Sometimes, I just don’t want the boys to think that I’m a girl who always need to be treated so gently because I consider myself as “one-of-the-boys”. I just don’t want them to feel that I’m unapproachable, I speak dude language, too.

There was this one time when big brother invited me to come with him and his friends to go watch a basketball league. This league is of composed of properly trained players – former college varsity players, retired PBA players, SK (youth city organization) participants, talented celebrities or just outstanding and passionate basketball players. It is conducted by some local government official, so the cash price is pretty big. The venue is located in the deepest part of the town wherein alot of people were there to watch the game. I was starstrucked. I can’t believe that I’m watching a great game with really good team effort and players with amazing skills. I really enjoyed watching. I even wondered about who the players are and how this league works. Big bro explained it all to me. I told him that it would be good to make a research about the back story of these players and how they end up there.

Basketball is one way on how me and my big brother bond. We would talk about it. I would watch him play. I would support him – by either giving him bet money or be the one to provide him water when he gets thirsty. I would come with him and his friends to watch a game from an outside place (and act like their “muse”). That’s practically it.

One thing I’ve learned from my brother is that Basketball is not for the weak. It’s for tough people who knows how to play hard because basketball is going to be difficult if you are not good at it. They always say “Basketball is more than just a sport” – as well as other sports. Well, I think you will never fully understand what sports is until you put your mind and heart to it.

Film Criticizing Filipino Movies

Last December 29, 2014, my family and I went to watch one of the movie entries in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. I’m a Movie Junkie, so I can’t help but to criticize the film.

First of all, it was morbid. It’s kind of a gross movie. And I really hate those kinds of movie that’s disgusting. (Although it wasn’t all through out). The quality of the movie seems to me has dark lightings. Well, maybe because they intend to do it on purpose. I didn’t like how they shot the different angles, and how I got dizzy – but only on few scenes. Some lines are a bit corny but funny still. The plot was a bit short and fast-paced. Although, I already know why they do it – cut through details and get to the main point. Oh, the song they use in the credits was horrible! It supposed to mean a lot because it should be able to make the audience what the director would want them to feel. But they failed at that, seriously.

Anyway, I am glad I have watched it because it gave me some insights. I may have underestimate the power of Filipinos in making films and TV series but I will always believe in our capacity to improve. We are better at some things. But still, there are times wherein we can’t help stereotype SOME Philippine Films.

I’ve watched tons of Filipino movies. I remember when I was kid, I used to hang out on Cinema One. I kept watching Filipino stuffs over and iver again. (So, I guess I really don’t have much of a colonial mentality – maybe I just grew up and liked Hollywood alot)
I know it’s hard to be like Hollywood – ofcourse it is. Hollywood is Hollywood. We can never compete with that. All I’m saying, we have an entire life to make some improvements to become better at making films 🙂

Chick Lit: What You Do To Me

Sometimes when people know that you are reading a Chick Lit book, they assume that you are one hopeless romantic person. I love reading those kind of books (but it doesn’t mean that is the only genre I read). Chick lit novels are definitely shallow and mostly dreamy. It is very idealistic that it portrays what the readers want to feel about love and relationships. It always has the cliche thing – girl meets boy, they fall in love and kiss, boy makes girl problematic and she cries, but in the end, something happens and Happy Ending! But ofcourse, it doesn’t mean that all chicklit novels have the same plot. They differ in each way. 2 weeks ago, I finished this book called “Real Life Boyfriends – Ruby Oliver Novel”. It made me smile. I felt so happy with the ending. It showed how young and naive teenagers become mature about their relationships as they face struggles. The main character encounter difficulties in her relationship with her boyfriend. Only to know, the way to get through him is to have some space. Then, it allows you to have deep understanding of each other. Then the book ended happily 🙂 They made up without having the talk; it seems like nothing ever happened between them. They just make-out and boom! Makes your heart smiling 😀

After reading that book, I read ‘To All The Boys I’ve Before’ by Jenny Han. This is the second book series that I’ve read of her. (First was ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ trilogy.) And yes, there would be a 2nd book to this that will be published next year entitled ‘P.S. I Still Love You’. Definitely there should be a sequel because this book left me hanging, so are the thousand girls who have read it. I like Jenny Han’s writing because it seems so family-oriented which is good for me because I grew up believing in that kind of principle. It’s not some typical romance novel about the main couple, its about the factors that affect the relationship and how it also builds them up to be mature about it.

So the book is about how this inexperienced 16-year old girl suddenly had troubles with boys when her ‘farewell letters’ got sent (which are not supposed to be because those were only to remind her that she has moved on from those guys). There. I don’t want to spoil.

Main realization: books, they just surprise you. Different books, different authors… they just give you different views in life, love and relationship. Whether it is a classic novel, sci-fi, fantasy or even comic books, it teaches you alot – things you don’t know before. I may not have much any experience on love and relationships – or maybe not at all- but through these lovely books, I keep learning 🙂 So, don’t tell me that I’m not in the position to give relationship advice! Hahaha just kidding 😀 but I know some, you know 🙂

One Desparate Movie Junkie

Because I am so tired from paying a visit to the dead from Manila North Cemetery – one of the biggest cemetery in the country, not to mention, the most crowded one. Soooo, I am so desperate to watch a movie, and I am having a dilemma.

I was asking my sister what to watch. I asked her which actor is good to watch: Ryan Reynolds? Blake Lively? Leonardo? Jude Law? Amanda Seyfried? I don’t wanna watch action because I don’t want to have thrilled emotions. I don’t want sci-fi because I don’t want to process my mind. I am also not up to watching drama, I don’t want to feel sad. I would want rom-com, but too cliche.

So I found myself typing ‘comedy movies’ on google search. Too much for Movie Junkie? 😀

And I end up choosing ‘Wedding Crashers’ starring Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams. Let’s see if it would satisfy me. :)))