Do not attract the wrong people

We all know that Sunday is Family Day, you attend mass and go to the mall. Well, we usually attend masses at the mall, so it is pretty convenient for us. Along with that, Sunday is the time for me to go get dress up so fashionably. I like wearing dresses, skirts and top combinations. It depends on what kind of look I want for that day, may it be elegant, punky, girl-next-door type, or kinda daring. I think I never wore just pants & shirt to church. Then, I also put on make up, curl up my lashes, put some blush on and paint my lips red. So that is how I like my Sunday to be, you know to be presentable. My only time to be pretty than my usual aura.

Since we are already in the mall, we did some buying for things we need at home like groceries or any supplies. That time, my dad needed to buy this thing for our leaking faucet in an appliance store. Most of us know, an appliance store is filled with dudes to assist customers. So, I (being at my Sunday’s best) attracts some of them which is kind of annoying. I didn’t entertain them ofcourse. I’ve learned that there are only few stores that I’ve been to with feeling the same way: Appliance, Music (Guitars & etc.) and lastly, Sports. Well, there are other places that seem awkward to different people. But I don’t know how to address a salesMAN  properly without feeling what? intimidated? awkward?

One thing is for sure, ACT COOL around them.


Mahal Kita… Walang Pagsisisi

I just have to make a blog from what I saw  on the phone from the man sitting beside me awhile ago in the bus. I really did not intentionally want to look at his phone but then I saw it anyway when I glanced. So this is what I saw:
“Mahal Kita… Walang pagsisisi.”
Meaning that ‘I have no regrets loving you’. You know the time when you make that face like you don’t believe what the person is saying? Well that is one of those times I made that face of doubt and unsure. Having the fact that this guy is a “middle-aged” man. (I ended up sitting next to him because I only had two options: sit beside him or sit at the back with like 5 other college boys, which will actually feel awkward for me, even though there is a cute guy)Anyway, I know that love or romantic relationships are for everyone, for the young, old, homosexuals, anthropologists and masochist. But I haven’t encounter something like this until now where in old people courtship tag lines. It seems funny.  Well, I have no right to judge him. Apparently, the person who is he texting with I think is his wife? Because when I try to glance again, he was texting a person named “Mami” so I guess it was just his wife.I have watched this chick flick movie entitled “Love, Wedding and Marriage”, starring Mandy Moore and Kellan Lutz. From the title itself, its about a newly wed couple facing the first stages of Marriage. The girl (Mandy Moore) is a marriage counselor and it has been their thing to fall in love with each other every single day. I find it sweet and adorable. It’s very promising that you profess your love for someone everyday. It doesn’t only shows how much you love that one person but how much you are IN LOVE with him or her. There’s a big difference.
Anyway, whatever was the reason of the man for texting that line to his wife (or maybe it was for another woman though, just assuming) He has his reasons. You know boys can easily melt our hearts with words. Apparently, some guys are used to throwing sweet lines like this to get get a girl’s heart.
It should always be a reminder for us, girls, to see is to believe. You know, boys gotta walk the talk. Like a line from a song by Disney stars called ‘Send It On’ says “a word’s just a word till you mean what you say”. Some girls say that boys make their world go round. True but sometimes we have to be wise, you know. It’s difficult to believe in something that is not actually genuine. After falling for that trap (lies), the girl gets her heart broken, cries for days, hates guys but goes on to the same process of hoping and believing. Like, stupid (sorry). Boys think that they can easily manipulate girls (well, I can’t blame the female gender for having such soft hearts) but c’mon let’s set some standards, girls!

The Boys In The Bus are Everywhere

I ride the bus ever single day that I go to school. Sometimes it’s just so hard commuting from the south going to Manila. It’s really tiring especially going home. Sometimes, when you are caught up on a rush hour, you really fight your way in just to ride the bus. There will be times when you are just so tired from school and you feel like sleeping in the bus on the way home, but you can’t, because you are one of the unfortunate people who find their balance as they stand in the aisle for over an hour in a moving bus. I sometimes wish that I could just literally ‘teleport’ from my house to school, so that I will not face the haggardness of commuting.

What’s the beauty in commuting to Manila is that you get to be with other college students, seeing faces of different kinds of teenagers at the bus terminal. Usually, around 6 o’clock in the morning, buses are filled with 80 % college students. And I enjoy riding the bus in those hours. Why? Because sometimes you get to see cute teenage boys. Well, let’s not say cute, I meant handsome. You know my kind of type of guys are just exactly what college boys are. Those jocks that I define somehow bad-boy looking with their hair up, and perhaps a little bit evident cut of biceps. But I also like tall, and nice-looking guys that whenever you look at them it’s like you’re looking at a puppy (not that I’m saying they look like a dog).

Well, the point is, I get to encounter different guys. But sometimes I just wish I get to meet one someday. There is this one guy who is oddly tall but cute, good-boy type and actually looks like Cody Simpson. Ever since last semester, we always get to ride the same bus together. Therefore, we know each other by face. This semester there were consecutive weeks where in we see each other at the bus terminal. Sometimes, I try to avoid being close to him because it seems so awkward. But there was this one time when he was like 5 meters infront of me in the line, then suddenly he looked back and his eyes fell straight to mine. See, it is awkward that we looked at each other. I’m just assuming he saw me lining up. Then, I got this feeling of heat in my body because I was flattered? Then after those weeks, I didn’t see him that much anymore. Then awhile ago, something that I have been waiting for happened (well, not much of what I really want to happen), I saw him at the mall 😀 like after so many weeks. I wished that I could encounter him in a casual way, like seeing him at the mall, and I did. Well, I hope I get to see him again. I think that is not going to be impossible because he is within my area, too.

What I am really trying to say is you really encounter different people every single day in your life. You might have sat next to a middle-aged guy who is sweaty and smells like cigarette, and you were just freaking annoyed (because I hate people smoking cigarettes). You might have slept on the bus and lean your head to the guy next to you, then you woke up holding his arm (awkward, but yes it happened to me). It might have also happened that a guy offered you a sit, thinking his stop was near but nope, he did stand during the whole trip. Such a gentleman. Who knows? You might have been in the same bus with your soul mate but you just haven’t met each other. You just have to have that first move. Remember, things never happen unless you take opportunities.