Always Fight For Yourself

Two weeks ago, my brother resigned from a job he had in a hotel even before his first month of working is over. Let’s just say that things got ugly in the workplace – ‘ugly’ meaning bullying and stepping on other people for their own sake. Guess it was all too much for my brother that he has to quit at once.

People are mean & selfish!
This is a really UGLY world, unfortunately. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

In relation to this, we, Filipinos, are very familiar with the term called ‘Crab Mentality’

Crab Mentality – people tend to do evil & vicious things to pull down other people for their benefit to get higher

It’s sad.

Some people couldn’t just be fair. Where is justice, people?!!

So, as my brother walked his resignation paper and talked to the authorities, hoping that some good thing will happen, well, it just became worse. He was even treated like shit (excuse the language). I’m saying this for his sake because the people concerned even made him felt that he is in the wrong position, in fact, he was the person abused in the situation. People in the workplace knew about this stupid behavior yet they tolerate it. So crucial!

It’s not some kind of initiation as they think it is. It is lowering a person’s self-esteem, and it is one of the most terrible and worst things that could happen to an individual. It loses confidence and faith in oneself. Thus, in a worst case scenario, might lead into suicidal.

“You should have fought for yourself.”
These are the words I mentioned to my brother over dinner. (Well, my farewell words before we put this incident all behind us – it was tragic, for my brother)

Every person has the right to fight for themselves in whatever condition that your dignity and your pride are being ruined by others.


Don’t let anyone tell you something that you are not!

I am really not a big fan of negative adjectives. All my life, I hate those bad vibesโ€ฆ It’s very inappropriate to a growing child or even to a person who is trying to find his place in this world.

We must learn how to appreciate the little things, the tiny abilities that one can do.

We are here in this world not to destroy one another but to build a space for people to grow and to be successful.

Be fair & spread peace!


Thou Shall Not Deceive

I was waiting at the bus stop along Taft Avenue awhile ago while I was just a few chapters of finishing this amazing book – Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (better known with her sensational Youtuber name Zoella). Suddenly, something happened before my eyesโ€ฆ

There is a guy holding tons of scapular and a card that contains a prayer. Then, a man and woman was walking along. The three of them met coming from opposite directions right in front of me. The couple was stopped by the man with the scapulars then handed each of them a scapular and the card. Thinking that those were free, the two were about to continue walking. But then, the guy came back to them and said they should making an offering. The woman gave 20 pesos saying that its already for the two if them but the man reluctantly said that each if them should give and offering. I was so said I didnt even bother to meddle.

I think this is one of the moments you just hate people for being such hypocrites. I know for sure that he was just using those scapulars to get money from people. I don’t know if you can consider this incident as one if those what is called here in the Philippines as “budol-budol”.

Let me explain what budol-budol is based from how I understood hoe it works. It is an act done by people to fool people. They pretend that they are in some situation or they try to sell you something (just like this incident) but what they are really up to is to distract you into paying attention to them. The next thing you know you lost your valuables. It’s sad right?

That is one of the tragic things or doings Filipinos do to deceive people just to score money or gadgets.

Why do we have to outsmart or fool other people to trouble them? Why can’t we just work to get what we want?

Pet Peeve: ‘Ungentlemanly’ Of You

I think every person in this world believes that the male species should act as a gentleman.

gentleman (n.) a man who treats other people in a proper and polite way

It is also defined that men should treat women just like a fragile flower. It shows a simple act as giving way to women first – of showing them much respect.

Awhile ago, on my way to school, I was standing up in the bus on almost the whole time of the trip. No men cared to offer me a seat, especially when there was already a chance but the homosexual men selfishly took it. (Okay, so I have nothing against gay people. I know he doesn’t think manly so I understand). I easily get tired because of the meds I’m taking – it’s one of the side effects of it- that’s why I would die just to sit during the trip.

Well yeah i know it’s also my fault that I didn’t leave early to secure myself a seat but still it’s not the point.
I was like the last woman standing among the men who were. It usually happens to me, not that it cares though. Then, I got to sit for the last few minutes of the trip as soon as there was an available chair.

As I was trying to get off the bus, I went to the aisle, and there was this guy who knew that I was already there but he still didn’t give way to me. I was so pissed. So Pissed!

It’s too much for one morning. I don’t know but maybe I just got unlucky with these guys (potential homos). Then, at that moment, I remembered what my high school class adviser used to tell us about gender equality:

If men can do it, I believe women can do it, too.

He pointed out that he doesn’t give his seat to a lady except if an old woman or a pregnant one.


Main point is men should not be the only ones to act like a gentleman. Women should also care to be one. Yes, females may be physically weaker than males but we should know how to be strong. It’s not wrong to act like a man. You know you, girls, should do what boys do especially if you know you are able to help other people.

Let’s be fair to one another. ๐Ÿ™‚
BUT men, don’t forget that you should still act more gentlemanly than anybody else in this world, we, girls are still delicate. And sorry to say this but we really have to be taken good care of. ๐Ÿ™‚ Womenย are emotional freaks, remember that. We can get moody all of the time, so better handleย us with gently.

Though, men and women are different in each way, we are still ALL humans.

Ed Sheeran Live in Manila 031215

Ed Sheeran, the ginger-head singer from UK held his concert this 12th day of March. It was a sold out concert. There’s no surprise to it because Ed is considered as one of the biggest names in the music industry. He is a superstar. He brought his soulful pop music and gave inspiration to millions of people around the world.

When you are given the opportunity, take it because you’ll never know when will you get another chance like it again.

When we knew that more seats will be available for the concert, we really took the chance to watch the concert. Our dad was the one who went to the ticket outlet so early to fall in line and get us some tickets. Luckily and so fortunate, we got tickets out of the few more hopefuls and desperate ones.

I wasn’t that excited a week or even days before the concert because my mind’s so occupied with school stuffs. It was just the day before that I realized I don’t have any to wear.

The concert was on a Thursday, a school day, so we just went straight to the venue coming from school. When we got into our seats, we realized that we were really one of the hopefuls and desperate ones. Our view is where you are literally already few feet from the ceiling and your head can lean on the wall. That’s how far we are from the stage, compare to our seats when we watched The Vamps in Manila last February 1.

Well, nothing of it matters as long as we are in the place where in a few minutes Ed Sheeran will serenade us with his amazing songs. The concert was so simple but beautiful. He just went up the stage and just did his own thing – with his guitar and his loop pedals. He is such an amazing performer.

When he started singing, I was overwhelmed, and so were the thousands Sheerios there. I literally want to cry so bad because I can’t believe it’s Ed Sheeran!!!

He made us fall inlove.

He captured our hearts especially when he sang one of my favorite songs, Photograph that the fans started flashing their lights. And it was bright and beautiful.
I list down all of the songs (I might have missed one or two songs).

This experience is one of the best nights of my life ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t believe that I was there. I’ve been inlove with his music and style for so long. I admire him so much even though he is not that handsome, but I can’t deny that he is so adorable. ED-ORABLE
And I’m so glad that I got to share it with my concert buddy, my sister, and her bestfriend.
Even though Ed left us hanging with his last song – us singing the ‘oh-woah-oh’ part of the song Sing and clapping our hands – and then he just walked off the stage, I will still forever love him and his music.

My Inner Peace

Whenever I get into an argument or a conflict wherein I get bothered for the rest of the day, I do something different to get my mind off it. I hate that about myself – overthinking, overreacting.
Since it’s Sunday, I attended the Feast Alabang (a Catholic Prayer meeting led by Kerygma preachers) I was hoping to find my inner peace, my inner strength, so I did.
At one point of the session,Brother Arun Gogna, the preacher and Feast builder, asked us to meet someone and hear their prayers. I met a girl who is about 14 years old. She told me that she has troubles with friends because she doesn’t feel like talking. Then, she said she is homeschooled. That is why. I told her to be confident, to get out. She got a whole life ahead of her.
After, I told her my prayer:

I hope that I could get a little freedom, enjoy my teenage years.
I hope that my parents would understand me.

Then, I also told her that she’ll understand what I’m trying to say when she gets my age.
We had a moment to hold hands and to pray for the other. It feels so great being so selfless and empathetic.
The power of prayer lies in our hands and in our faith.

The Vamps Live in Manila (Our Awesome Experience)

Last February 2, 2015, the indie band called ‘The Vamps’ had their concert here in Manila, Philippines. It was held at MOA (Mall of Asia) Arena.

My sister and I attended the concert and it was so much FUN ๐Ÿ™‚ She has been the best concert buddy – ofcourse, because we are sister and she is the only person that I’ve ever been with to concerts (Justin Bieber & American Idol Season 11). Oh and my Dad, too when we attended AI concert.

The Vamps are just new comers in the music industry, and not to mention, British cuties ๐Ÿ™‚ The first song I have ever heard of them was Somebody to you ft. Demi Lovato. I just thought their music was cute. I didn’t think I would fall inlove with them because I was liking 5 Seconds of Summer that time. Well, their different from 5SOS. They play Indie songs while 5SOS plays pop/rock songs. That’s why I love them both.

I believe that this was the band’s first concert tour. They are just beginners but I admire them so much for the kind of music they make. The boys are just so cute. They are all perfect for the whole thing. Before, the concert date, I watched videos of them about themselves and the band. I discovered that the band was not something like they had ever since High School or something. They really intended to make this band – to create one. James McVey and Bradley Simpson teamed up to start one, but they are really not friends. They got Tristan Evans on the drums. Then, saw Connor Ball on YouTube doing song covers. So, that’s how they started. The name ‘The Vamps’ is not meaningful as I though it was (because they are all white that they think they look like vampires, I guessed). They said they named it that because James was a big fan of the Twilight movies and the series The Vampire Diaries. But still cute though ๐Ÿ™‚

I love all of the members of the band. But who me and my sister really love is Connor Ball โค ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought he is the mysterious type, kind of a bad boy look but you know chilling type. And he also has these light blue eyes. Then, we found out that he is the sweetest of all. He’s kind and he always smiles ๐Ÿ˜€ than the others do.

Because we loved the experience, I kind of tried to made a video blog out of it. Check it out!

Holidays are for forgetting reality and just having some time to think…

Last night, well actually from midnight til 2 am, I was up watching this movie called ‘The Holiday’ starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Black Jack. I thought it would be just another romantic sucker movie but I was wrong, partly. Ofcourse every romantic movie has a common denominator – you know who ends up in the end, or who falls in love, and that there will always be a happy ending (well not all, for example ‘One Day’) I don’t know if I just exaggerated my emotions or it was really a great movie. Or maybe because I was just looking for something to make me feel great. Anyways, it was totally a worth it movie to stay up all night.

It is amazing how sometimes when you try to move on, you can’t, unless you found someone new. (Oh, wait I think I can relate, just kidding) Yah, but that is true. So the two leading ladies in the movie switch places – England and Los Angeles. They both wanted space to forget this particular guy who broke their hearts. Then, it turns out, they meet someone which was related to the other person – which ofcourse they fall in love with.

Cutting it short. It made me feel so inlove. In the case of Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, the words Jude Law said: ‘I’m running out of reasons why we shouldn’t’. He said this upon asking Cameron on a date, having her known for days. I think it was the sweetest tag line I have ever heard. It was smooth but really sweet. I liked it when Kate Winslet and Black Jack both said ‘no’ to another chance from the person who hurt them.

No matter how much you want to make it work, sometimes, some things just don’t fit together. That is why you have to let go of something or someone that holds you back. It is important to be happy for yourself, and not because you made someone happy. Yes, it may seem too selfish but I think that is good, because the most important person to love is yourself.

But seriously, I found myself saying these words out loud while I was watching: “Oh My God! This movie is so GREAT! Exactly what I needed.” I am a huge fan of romantic-comedy movies. People may see me as hopeless romantic or a sucker for love, well, I call it meditating =D. It is the time for me to be relaxed. It’s the only time when I feel loved just like how the characters feel loved. I may not be experiencing being in love at the moment but through these movies, I gain experience.

But there is a downside, I know. In the end, I’ll realize these are all fantasies, not all of it happen in real life. Well, that part sucks, and that is why Hollywood is very influential. They make you feel and realize things but then they are all stories made up by professional writers. But, hey! Who cares?! As long as you feel that satisfaction and bliss… keep dreaming, keep believing. Then later, you’ll find yourself directing your own movie.

To sum it up, watch this movie ‘The Holiday’ tell me if I just overwhelmed myself too much or if it is indeed a good movie ๐Ÿ™‚