I Teach to Inspire

I am currently halfway through my practice teaching. As of now, I’ve already felt how hard it can be to become a teacher, as well as how fun it is.

I used to tell myself that I’ll be that uptight teacher but funny teacher. But now, I think I can’t be like that; instead, be that kind and approachable teacher and strict at times needed. I don’t like my students to fear me. I want them to respect me out of likeness (or even love). I deeply value words of affection and at the same time the act of having to discipline them accordingly.

I don’t want my students to take me for granted. It is important to touch them with your words.

One time, the lesson I was asked to teach is about personal challenges. All we did in class was to talk about their problems and difficulties within themselves. image I was so touched to learn that the activity brought something good to my students. They liked the activity because they felt light and free after it. They learned how to trust and not to judge other people. They knew that they will have that special friend in their class that they can always rely on. It’s overwhelming to hear that kind of feedback from my students. One of my students even cried having her remember her challenges in life. I sort of panicked for a moment because I didn’t know what to say to make her feel better. (Well, I just told her that it will go away soon).

As for my last part of the lesson, I said these words (as I can recall it):

We all experience challenges in our lives, whether if it’s small or big, even within our family, our friends or lovelife. Even if it’s as simple as sitting on the throne, on your toilet, trying as hard so it will come out (and my students laugh at this). Or a big problem in your academics, challenging you to get good grades. Whatever challenges you face in life, I want you to say these words:

image “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” (if they only knew how Barney Stinson interpreted this) After that, I told them one of my challenges in life which is my heart condition. I got them all staring at me and paid attention. I told them how difficult my situation is and how controlled my life is right now. That I feel tons of fear when it attacks. But then I get to tell them… even if I felt so nervous to share it to them.

What do I do when it happens? I stay calm and not panic. And I just tell myself that everything will be alright. Always be positive…

It feels so wonderful to be able to let your students realize that challenges are parts of our lives. We don’t have to be afraid because our challenges teaches us to be stronger, wiser, and braver. It teaches us to get up for the 8th time when we fell for 7 times.

I’m still a practice teacher but I felt like I have already inspired my students even just a little – I really do hope so. I know that is God’s purpose for me, 🙂 I know that is what He wants for  my life… to inspire young minds for a better future.

Thank You God for everything, for making me who You want me to be 🙂

Fears and Doubts


You will not learn how to walk unless you take the first step.– Dick Acenas

At this point, I feel scared. I’m now in my last year in College, studying Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English. Part of the requirements is to have the Practice Teaching. We are designated to a public school where we are going to teach for a whole quarter, in our case, in the first quarter. Me and some of my classmates share the same feeling. We keep asking this question to one another.

Are you ready???

And I think no one has ever said “Yes, I am ready.” It’s kind of scary to think that I’m going to be an actual teacher with real students. I am going to be their source of knowledge.

What If they ask me questions I cannot answer? What if they will not understand the lesson? What if I have a poor approach? What if my students are too difficult to handle?

WHAT IFS are just going to make you mad. You doubt of the possibility that you can make it. What If you did the right choices in life? What If you didn’t think that you can’t do it? Would you get into where you are now?

My dad quoted me that phrase above when I told him about how I am feeling about it. He just told me “No one started from the top. You can’t move on by thinking.” He is right. You cannot always live by just thinking about all the possibilities and the negatives. ‘What Ifs’ are only for cowards who don’t believe in themselves. Why don’t we say ourselves these words?




You just got to believe in yourself… everything will be possible

Cheers Coffee to Sleepless Nights

sleepless I’m wide awake… yeah I was up all night. I was holding tight, don’t care if I’m tired.

(sing to the tune of Katy Pery’s Wide Awake) Hell Week it is. Sleepless nights. Coffee drinks. Eyebags. That zombie feeling – walking oddly & moving slowly You get easily annoyed. You get easily mad. Nothing seems to brighten your day. You don’t get to rest, and your bed sheet has been neatly flattened for several nights now. Just hold tight… few more weeks until this school year ends. Few more days until endless movie marathons, finish few TV series, and some reading for pleasure. (rules of parallelism here) Don’t give up until you’re done!!!

The Boys In The Bus are Everywhere

I ride the bus ever single day that I go to school. Sometimes it’s just so hard commuting from the south going to Manila. It’s really tiring especially going home. Sometimes, when you are caught up on a rush hour, you really fight your way in just to ride the bus. There will be times when you are just so tired from school and you feel like sleeping in the bus on the way home, but you can’t, because you are one of the unfortunate people who find their balance as they stand in the aisle for over an hour in a moving bus. I sometimes wish that I could just literally ‘teleport’ from my house to school, so that I will not face the haggardness of commuting.

What’s the beauty in commuting to Manila is that you get to be with other college students, seeing faces of different kinds of teenagers at the bus terminal. Usually, around 6 o’clock in the morning, buses are filled with 80 % college students. And I enjoy riding the bus in those hours. Why? Because sometimes you get to see cute teenage boys. Well, let’s not say cute, I meant handsome. You know my kind of type of guys are just exactly what college boys are. Those jocks that I define somehow bad-boy looking with their hair up, and perhaps a little bit evident cut of biceps. But I also like tall, and nice-looking guys that whenever you look at them it’s like you’re looking at a puppy (not that I’m saying they look like a dog).

Well, the point is, I get to encounter different guys. But sometimes I just wish I get to meet one someday. There is this one guy who is oddly tall but cute, good-boy type and actually looks like Cody Simpson. Ever since last semester, we always get to ride the same bus together. Therefore, we know each other by face. This semester there were consecutive weeks where in we see each other at the bus terminal. Sometimes, I try to avoid being close to him because it seems so awkward. But there was this one time when he was like 5 meters infront of me in the line, then suddenly he looked back and his eyes fell straight to mine. See, it is awkward that we looked at each other. I’m just assuming he saw me lining up. Then, I got this feeling of heat in my body because I was flattered? Then after those weeks, I didn’t see him that much anymore. Then awhile ago, something that I have been waiting for happened (well, not much of what I really want to happen), I saw him at the mall 😀 like after so many weeks. I wished that I could encounter him in a casual way, like seeing him at the mall, and I did. Well, I hope I get to see him again. I think that is not going to be impossible because he is within my area, too.

What I am really trying to say is you really encounter different people every single day in your life. You might have sat next to a middle-aged guy who is sweaty and smells like cigarette, and you were just freaking annoyed (because I hate people smoking cigarettes). You might have slept on the bus and lean your head to the guy next to you, then you woke up holding his arm (awkward, but yes it happened to me). It might have also happened that a guy offered you a sit, thinking his stop was near but nope, he did stand during the whole trip. Such a gentleman. Who knows? You might have been in the same bus with your soul mate but you just haven’t met each other. You just have to have that first move. Remember, things never happen unless you take opportunities.