Keeping Up With My Resolutions

I don’t usually make resolutions because I think it’s a little sad that people think we can only change when another year begins. But there is something with age and experience that make me really think about resolutions. So, I came up with ten. Yes, ten things to really focus on doing this year.

I am pretty much a believer, so I do what I say.  It is also helpful to let people know your resolutions because they can help you monitor your commitment to it.


My life is an open book, and I don’t mind people knowing my stories. But that is the difference, my stories are different from who Chelby really is. They do not know the real me until I value our friendship.

I do love social media especially how it keeps us connected, but I do not like how sometimes we only post good things for people to admire or be envy at.

I somewhat have a rule wherein I do not accept a person’s request unless I have seen or met him/her personally, just because I don’t like being judged for what they only see online. Honestly, people inevitably make conclusions on the kind of person you are based on what you do, where you go, or what you post.

Limiting myself from giving too much away online will keep people guessing how things in my life got there. And if you wanna know me more? Don’t pry on silly things I post; send me a message. Then, I’ll give time for you, as I always do.


I have a rocky relationship with God. There are times when I am too busy to even acknowledge His existence that I forget to pray.

To have a solid communication with Him, I have little book called Didache which some Catholics use to have their daily reflection of the bible. And sometimes, this book gives you what you really need – the serenity of the mind and contentment of the heart.

So far, I feel happy and at ease as I start my day reading Didache, then I say a quick prayer while I sometimes listen to a worship song.

God is really an amazing listener. He is the most wonderful friend a person could ever have. My life has been so lucky ever since I constantly put Him at the beginning of my day. Why don’t you give Him a try? 🙂

Most importantly, I don’t forget to pray for every person in my life. Honestly, if you are reading my blog, then I have already included you in my prayers.


I have very few close friends that I know I will have for my lifetime, and these are the ones who I deeply care about their opinions, who I finish my chores early for to go on dates with them, and who have every right to scold at me when I do stupid things.

But, I do have other friends outside these small circles that I entertain as well. I am not a snob. I love it when someone comes to me to rant or whenever they need help.

There are also times that I do not need more people to open up to. Or sometimes I do not need any friend at all. I wanna learn how not to be dependent and handle things my own way.

Sometimes, the process of involving my friends or other people affects the end result wherein I could have done better if other people were not in my way.
(Did you get what I’m saying?)

But you gotta choose those moments. Your friends’ validation or comments sometimes help you feel better.


Everyone knows I am not a hugger. It’s not just my love language. I love more with words, time, and action. But my beautiful MDM students (not my clingy sister) who I dearly love taught me that hugs are essential, so I want to hug more for the people who needs it. I wanna let them know that I actually care.


Like my mom, I sometimes do tough love, and it’s hard. I don’t like putting people down because I have to. I wanna be more sensitive with my words and how it can affect other’s feelings. I am sometimes go way out of line and really throw some harsh words that pains not only others, but me as well.


Last year, I drowned myself with work and a lot of eat-outs with my friends. I was careless about how my body looks like. I grew fat and I hate when people mention it to me. I got very conscious every time others would be bothered by my weight. So, I finally had to shut those opinions by following the ketogenic diet. I also promised myself that I will make it a point to exercise at least twice a week. Aside from looking good (so I can wear my body hugging dresses and skirts again hehe), I need to have a healthy heart and a good cardio as well.


I am almost near the middle of my twenties, and honestly, I haven’t lived my life as I should. I want to explore. I want to learn new things. I need to experience life.

I have a lot of fears and doubts, honestly, I want to face each of it. I cannot limit myself anymore because it’s not safe or I am just afraid of having regrets. I need to put myself out there, to make more memories – good, heartbreaking, embarrassing, and blissful ones.


Hmm… I don’t know about this but I will try. We have books on the shelves that haven’t been read, and that is sad. I LOVE FILM AND TV SHOWS but BOOKS ARE MAGICAL THINGS. And I will be missing out on the magical experience of creativity and imagination if I do not read those classics, sci-fi novels, and those sappy ones, too.


I am not a freak when it comes to organizing. I like multi-tasking and procrastinating but I still have to stay focus not on actual things but with my goals. It does not really matter for me how I can get there. I care more about when I have achieved my goals, and that’s all of it. I know the process is essential but it is more fulfilling to think about what you are reaching for.


This is me giving more time to writing. This is what I am passionate about. I love my words and I love it better when people can relate to it. It overwhelms me the most when they appreciate it and thank me for saying what people need to hear. I have been told that my blogs are enlightening. That is practically I am aiming for. Aside from writing blogs, I also want to give more time to fill up my journal and my planner. I wanna have these good written memories to look back into after a year or a decade. I truly feel good when I write. It does take a lot of time and effort to be in the right zone to write but it makes me happy.

I know I already have 10 resolutions but this one is just an important reminder, I guess.


I love my friends. I am such an extrovert. I like accommodating and entertaining people. But I forgot to always appreciate my family. This time, I also promise to give time for them. Sometimes, there are practical things to give but honestly, it is all about the good conversations you have with them.

My family is loud, weird, fun, and pretty warfreak. I know they are toxic most of the time HAHA but I guess they are the only toxic people that I will forever have in my life; nobody else. And I am so thankful for them no matter the differences.

I write these not only for this year, but I write these to start doing it this year and onward.  I want to keep doing this because I need to be this person, and it starts this year.
Change is inevitable, yes, but change has to be progressive.

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