Where Am I?

It’s been along time since I have written a blog.

Probably by this time, few of my students will get to drop by at this blog. Yes, I am working already… HEY!!!

I have been teaching at this school inside BF Paranaque for almost six months now. And I am so grateful for where I am right now. It may not be the “perfect” job but I know I have to be here. I may not stay here for long (or who knows I’ll professionally grow here) but still I know this is part of my journey – my life.

I thought when you graduate college and you have a job, you will be more mature, but nope. My life is a constant roll of trials and errors. Life is so hard. I know it should be.

I feel like I’m a caterpillar still undergoing metamorphosis, and probably, I think I’ll be here for long.

It’s so difficult that you have to be someone that others should like. Guess the line “you can never please everyone” does not really apply to everybody. Whether you like it or not, you always have to be a different person in every different situation. You have to please your family, please your friends, please people at work. It never ends.

Agree with me or not, we all have different sides of our personality. I am not saying we have multiple personalities – because that would be just crazy! (Unless you really are one heck of a bipolar psycopath) What I mean is we act differently with different people, primarily, to blend in. 

I, for one, have experienced to be in two very opposite environments. I practically grew up in a private school – I was raised there to be the person I am (or maybe the person I used to be… well, I’m not entirely sure now). After spending my formative years in a very comfortable community, with all the fun and excitement, I started and saw a new world. That is when I entered college.

Major Culture Shock!

I went to a state university, which is practically a public school. And I didn’t know anything about it. All I know is that my mom wants me take up Education in that school where one of her best friends graduated from. I have never heard of it before. But then, for the next four years, I came to embrace the school and its environment – which btw is totally different from before. Totally Different.

My lifestyle changed. Big Time

From zero in high school, to a little intriguing in college. I am talking about the person that I’ve become in college. I was different from my classmates, and that is unfortunate. At first, I never understood what they were talking about, and they can’t understand me either. I remember limiting myself with the things I can’t mention in school because I know they would judge me everytime – for being not like them. My first year in college was so hard – so hard that I want to cry everytime. (Luckily, I joined the volleyball varsity to make me feel at ease ) 

But then, three years after, I was still with those people. And I think couldn’t have survived college without them. The chapter is done. Now, off to flip another one.

New chapter, more changes.

I am back to discovering myself again, which sucks because I’ll never know where I am even going and how to do things more differently with all the new limitations I have in life.

But maybe, I am still young and learning, so please don’t get me wrong with the freaking decisions I am making.

I am still testing the waters.

I am still finding myself in this world.

Life is a constant spin. And you are never going to stop…