Pet Peeve: ‘Ungentlemanly’ Of You

I think every person in this world believes that the male species should act as a gentleman.

gentleman (n.) a man who treats other people in a proper and polite way

It is also defined that men should treat women just like a fragile flower. It shows a simple act as giving way to women first – of showing them much respect.

Awhile ago, on my way to school, I was standing up in the bus on almost the whole time of the trip. No men cared to offer me a seat, especially when there was already a chance but the homosexual men selfishly took it. (Okay, so I have nothing against gay people. I know he doesn’t think manly so I understand). I easily get tired because of the meds I’m taking – it’s one of the side effects of it- that’s why I would die just to sit during the trip.

Well yeah i know it’s also my fault that I didn’t leave early to secure myself a seat but still it’s not the point.
I was like the last woman standing among the men who were. It usually happens to me, not that it cares though. Then, I got to sit for the last few minutes of the trip as soon as there was an available chair.

As I was trying to get off the bus, I went to the aisle, and there was this guy who knew that I was already there but he still didn’t give way to me. I was so pissed. So Pissed!

It’s too much for one morning. I don’t know but maybe I just got unlucky with these guys (potential homos). Then, at that moment, I remembered what my high school class adviser used to tell us about gender equality:

If men can do it, I believe women can do it, too.

He pointed out that he doesn’t give his seat to a lady except if an old woman or a pregnant one.


Main point is men should not be the only ones to act like a gentleman. Women should also care to be one. Yes, females may be physically weaker than males but we should know how to be strong. It’s not wrong to act like a man. You know you, girls, should do what boys do especially if you know you are able to help other people.

Let’s be fair to one another. 🙂
BUT men, don’t forget that you should still act more gentlemanly than anybody else in this world, we, girls are still delicate. And sorry to say this but we really have to be taken good care of. 🙂 Women are emotional freaks, remember that. We can get moody all of the time, so better handle us with gently.

Though, men and women are different in each way, we are still ALL humans.