Short shorts for Short-legged Girls

As I was going out to meet my friends, my mom asked me why am I wearing shorts. I told her these reasons:

1. My pants won’t fit me anymore. I gained weight (because there’s too much food at home and because of my health condition I can’t do excercise).
2. It’s too hot to wear pants.
3. I’m much comfortable wearing shorts.
4. Lastly, pants don’t really fit my legs because they are short.

Too bad for people like me with short limbs, wearing pants would make people notice how short-legged you are. That’s why when I have the chance not to wear pants, I wear shorts, skirts, or a dress.
Yes, sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable showing much legs but sometimes you’ve got to know the right clothes for you.

When you’re a short person, limit clothes of long length like long dresses.
When you’re dark, I suggest that you should not wear bright or neon colors. It just doesn’t seem to match.
When you’re a tall girl and you wear short shorts, damn, there’s too much legs to expose.
When you’re horizontally challenged, try to wear the perfect blouse with the right fit – not too tight and not too puffy.

Fashion is just a game of mix-and-match.
The perfect top with the perfect shoes. Putting the right amount of accessories to match your outfit.

Don’t overdress. Just wear something comfortable…
Or how about this, wear something that defines you.

Sometimes, the clothes that you wear presents the type of personality you have.

But remember, there are times that we get overwhelm we the design of clothes thinking it would be right for us, well, think twice. Sometimes, the perfect clothes in our eyes is not really that much perfect when you wear it.

No matter how much we want it, there are things that just won’t fit, things that don’t fit in our lives. #HugotMuch


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