image In crowded areas, we usually get bumped with other people or even get trapped in the middle of a swarm of human beings. Sometimes when we are in a rush and there are alot of people in your way you can’t easily pass through. And that’s jus makes you annoyed. In situations like these, there are three things that you could do: 1. You can just let yourself get stuck in a crowd and go with flow. Then, you have to be patient. 2. For some careless people, they push through the crowd without even acknowledging the people they hurt along the way. 3. And for some awesome people, they look far ahead the crowd to know where they’re going and how to get through the traffic, just like how ninjas do. I hate crowded places except if it’s a concert or a party. I hate assemblies and lines. That is why I am one of those awesome people. I don’t like waiting, so what I do: I side in my way through the crowd and use my awesome reflexes.I look at the whole panorama view just to see who’s infront of me and where to slide through just to get out of the crowd. Awesome, right?!! Sometimes in life when we look too closely, we can’t see what lies infront of us. You gotta take that step back to understand life as a whole. Every little detail matters. Let’s learn to appreciate it. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the middle of the crowd. Learn how to move then you’ll see great things beyond…


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