What Does It Take To Be a Musician and to be Famous?

From covers, to mix tapes, auditions, contests, contracts & labels, to live shows then concerts… that is how people get famous in the Music Industry.

I remember a documentary on how Taylor Swift started. She went through alot of rejected mix tapes before one guy believed in her music. Then, I thought that maybe all of the music labels who turned her down made their biggest regret of not taking a chance at her. Look at her now – big performances and her big songs are everywhere. The whole world knows her and her music. She has tons of awards.

Some end up big in this business, but some did not. There are some singers who just made some few songs, then you have never heard from them anymore. Some celebrities, mostly actors, tried to start a career in music like Lucy Hale and Hilary Duff. Johnny Depp is a musician, too. He plays the bass guitar. He has mentioned that music is his first love but that didn’t stop him from being ‘who he wants to be’ (insert all the characters that he has played as an actor).

To be successful in something, first, it must be your passion. Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and all of the singers became successful because they keep on believing that they can reach their dreams; and that is to become a singer and perform infront of thousands of people. All of their dreams wouldn’t happened without their fans.

But sometimes because of fame and fortune, these singers are drowned with what they call the “Hollywood Fever” (or maybe just the term they used in the Nickelodeon series, Big Time Rush) It is when a person gets to be famous and all, they are so thrilled that their dreams became real and they forgot who they are as a normal person. In simple words, they’ve changed and gained that celebrity attitude – rude and proud.

When Justin Bieber began his career as a singer, he had those annoying bangs and that hoodie. Ellen Degeneres even mispronounced his surname as ‘bey-ber’. Then, his music went crazy for the the millions of girls all over the world. He had sold-out concerts and millions of his record albums sold and a thousands of screaming fans – the Beliebers. Then, the expected thing happened. He went on a full bad image – drugs, speed driving, girls, etc. Now, he has changed (based on recent activities: appearing on Ellen several times, performing live with Ariana Grande on the Honeymoon Tour, and coming up with the Comedy Central) Justin Bieber has his darkest moments, ofcourse he is a person. Just imagine how they would react to fame – people telling you what to do all the time, paparazzi everywhere and they even make them someone that they are not.

Have you ever wonder if Ed Sheeran has a really cute and puffy personality? Does he ever get mad? Just imagine Johnny Depp portraying weird and funny characters but he appears so serious in interviews.
Guess it’s part of the job package – keep up an image that will please your audience.


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