As my sister said and I quote;

“The concert was so effing effing AWESOMEEE!!!”

We didn’t have tickets.
We weren’t inside the venue.
But we were there outside for the music…

Before I go to the details of the concert, let’s have a little back story:
Last year we tried to get these Titanium tickets for One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour but we didn’t push through with it. There were too many people, too many fans that craved for the tickets. So did we but we’re just so unfortunate. I really wanted to attend that I cried overnight because I can’t get tickets. I tried though. But that didn’t stop me from experiencing 1D on my own way 🙂

Since the venue was at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds (open area), we decided to watch from the outside along with the team ‘Seaside’ (located outside the venue near the seaside), the hopefuls. We watched through the big screen, and it wasn’t so bad. We saw them, even when they walked along the runway that we get to see them through this small opening in the VIP section. I’m okay with it. I was satisfied enough.

I’m a Juan Directioner and I am proud of it…
Don’t care if people judge me because I like this boy band. They don’t know their songs but I do. They don’t know how much I admire them. But I am not one of those obsessive die-hard fans that cry in a very overacting way when they see their idol.

The concert started at exactly 10 minutes to 9 pm. The whole crowd, both attendees and hopefuls, went wild when the boys came in and sang their first song ‘No Control’. Everybody was so overwhelmed, that they cried – tears of joy. And me and my concert buddy, my sister, were singing at the top of our lungs! 🙂

Beforehand, the 1D staff have told the public that Zayn Malik couldn’t continue with the shows because he has to fly back to UK. They released a statement saying that Zayn is stressed lately that he needs to rest. It said that he is stressed because some picture of him with a girl came out when they were in Thailand when actually he has a fiance, Perrie Edwards from the girl British band Little Mix.
He couldn’t take all the mean stuffs that people throw at him. I find it very unprofessional. I mean I get it that he is a human being like us but he is a superstar. He has a duty to his fans. He disappointed alot of girls. Some of the fans outside even cried when they heard the part of the song that was supposed to be Zayn’s. They really cried, they really cried ugly. (No Offense) I just find it very disturbing. Then, I realized “(insert curse word) Zayn is not here” I found myself a little bit teary because I was annoyed. One Direction is here but without Zayn – Wrong Direction.

It’s not One Direction without effing Zayn Malik ;(

Even then, the boys gave us a performance of a life time :))

I have here lists of what I hate and what I love from the concert…

Things that I hate from the concert:
1. I hate that they always start a song by introducing the title, “Stockholm Syndrome, everyone!” – like element of surprise, please!?!
2. I hate it when they end every song, they shout “MANILAAA!!!” Then, the crowd goes wild.
3. I hate it that they repeatedly said:
“This is one of the best gigs we’ve ever had!” And the likes… which you know that they always say in every single concert.
4. I HATE THAT ZAYN MALIK WAS NOT AROUND ;(( because he is my favorite ❤

Things that I love from the concert ❤ ❤ <3:
1.I love that One Direction is in Manila!
2. I love that they are so handsome!
Not to mention, Harry’s Hotness, Niall’s Cuteness, Liam’s cockiness and Louis’ unique voice.
3. I love the staging – big screen and a long runway.
4. I love that we saw them :))
5. I love their British accents, especially Naill Horan’s adorable Irish accent.
6. I love how much they love their fans.
7. I love how the concert ended with a beautiful fireworks display.

Here is the list of all the songs they sang in order:

No Control
Steal My Girl
Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Midnight Memories
Kiss You
Stockholm Syndrome
Ready to Run
Better than Words
Where You belong
Little Things
Night Changes
One Thing
What Makes You Beautiful
Through the Dark
Girl Almighty
Story of My Life
You and I
Little White Lies
Best Song Ever

This has been one of the Fun Nights that I have ever in my life! :)))

I will forever cherish this experience 🙂 even if we weren’t really inside the concert, we still saw them, we heard them, we screamed and we sang along with them :))

They are such amazing performers.
I really love the way how they connect to their fans. They made them feel special like the concert was all about them. They made sure that their fans are loved especially when the group dedicated the song Where You Belong that Naill wrote. He wrote it to remind him that no matter how much success they have in life, they won’t forget where they belong; that all of these are made possible because of their endearing fans.

The band ended the concert singing to the Best Song Ever, and everyone was like happy enjoying themselves especially when the wonderful fireworks began.

It was a very unforgettable experience. A spectacular night, indeed.

Even though I didn’t get to attend the concert, I’m glad that I was out there. We really enjoyed it.
I am happy that I got the opportunity.<3


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