The Traditional Way: Love Letters

While my sister and I are on the way home, I noticed this guy across from where we are seating. I instantly saw him writing a letter with a heading that says ‘Baby,‘ I thought it was so sweeeeeet that I grabbed my phone from my bag and took a picture of it.


Then, we thought “what a lucky girl!” 😀

I didn’t expect that guys still initiate to write love letters, or maybe I know they still do, but actually seeing someone write one is just so flattering. :)))
Then, guess what?! He even has a pink scrapbook inside his bag filled with more love letters!!! It literally made me smile 😀

Though I find it really thoughtful, I already have this notion that guys who do sweet things like this are a bit clingy. No offense. I just notice.

But hey! Sometimes that is what girls need nowadays… A KEEPER 😀
A guy who knows how to remind his girl how special she is and how much she is loved.
A guy who knows how to take care of his special someone by expressing his admiration through words.

But i just hope it’s true…

A word’s just a word til you meant what you say


When you give your time and effort to surprise someone, people appreciate it, even the sweet little things.

It’s better to make letters, give chocolates and flowers, small trinkets, etc. than to send a heart icon and a kiss emoji.

Still, go for traditional, write what you feel. It’s one way to put all your emotions into words. Write all the things you can’t say personally, people love it that they even cry.
You might think it’s so old school, but I think it is very commendable

(Sorry to the dude if I just took a picture of you without your consent.) -Btw, the guys is from Adamson University :)))


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