My Inner Peace

Whenever I get into an argument or a conflict wherein I get bothered for the rest of the day, I do something different to get my mind off it. I hate that about myself – overthinking, overreacting.
Since it’s Sunday, I attended the Feast Alabang (a Catholic Prayer meeting led by Kerygma preachers) I was hoping to find my inner peace, my inner strength, so I did.
At one point of the session,Brother Arun Gogna, the preacher and Feast builder, asked us to meet someone and hear their prayers. I met a girl who is about 14 years old. She told me that she has troubles with friends because she doesn’t feel like talking. Then, she said she is homeschooled. That is why. I told her to be confident, to get out. She got a whole life ahead of her.
After, I told her my prayer:

I hope that I could get a little freedom, enjoy my teenage years.
I hope that my parents would understand me.

Then, I also told her that she’ll understand what I’m trying to say when she gets my age.
We had a moment to hold hands and to pray for the other. It feels so great being so selfless and empathetic.
The power of prayer lies in our hands and in our faith.


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