The Vamps Live in Manila (Our Awesome Experience)

Last February 2, 2015, the indie band called ‘The Vamps’ had their concert here in Manila, Philippines. It was held at MOA (Mall of Asia) Arena.

My sister and I attended the concert and it was so much FUN πŸ™‚ She has been the best concert buddy – ofcourse, because we are sister and she is the only person that I’ve ever been with to concerts (Justin Bieber & American Idol Season 11). Oh and my Dad, too when we attended AI concert.

The Vamps are just new comers in the music industry, and not to mention, British cuties πŸ™‚ The first song I have ever heard of them was Somebody to you ft. Demi Lovato. I just thought their music was cute. I didn’t think I would fall inlove with them because I was liking 5 Seconds of Summer that time. Well, their different from 5SOS. They play Indie songs while 5SOS plays pop/rock songs. That’s why I love them both.

I believe that this was the band’s first concert tour. They are just beginners but I admire them so much for the kind of music they make. The boys are just so cute. They are all perfect for the whole thing. Before, the concert date, I watched videos of them about themselves and the band. I discovered that the band was not something like they had ever since High School or something. They really intended to make this band – to create one. James McVey and Bradley Simpson teamed up to start one, but they are really not friends. They got Tristan Evans on the drums. Then, saw Connor Ball on YouTube doing song covers. So, that’s how they started. The name ‘The Vamps’ is not meaningful as I though it was (because they are all white that they think they look like vampires, I guessed). They said they named it that because James was a big fan of the Twilight movies and the series The Vampire Diaries. But still cute though πŸ™‚

I love all of the members of the band. But who me and my sister really love is Connor Ball ❀ πŸ™‚ I thought he is the mysterious type, kind of a bad boy look but you know chilling type. And he also has these light blue eyes. Then, we found out that he is the sweetest of all. He’s kind and he always smiles πŸ˜€ than the others do.

Because we loved the experience, I kind of tried to made a video blog out of it. Check it out!


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