Pain is Inevitable

When I was in church yesterday, my sister bothered me while I was praying. She told me that she had dysmenorrhea and was in pain. I ignored her but then I thought: That is the thing about pain, it should hurt.

Pain demands to be felt.
– John Green, The Fault In Our Stars

Everyone feels pain. No one is an exemption. Not all happy people are happy. I’ve watched this movie called Funny People starring Adam Sandler. It is about the life of a comedian who was once very famous for his comedic movies. He makes people happy, he gets paid big time, he has all the luxurious materials but he is not happy. He was lonely. He was in deep pain, emotionally.

Pain is weakness leaving the body
– This Means War

But pain is not forever. It can’t be always there. Sometimes we forget about it. Sometimes it just goes off. Sometimes we give it remedy. The point is that pain will be felt at some time but it will eventually be gone.

That is life. We live. We love. We hurt.
It is always a matter of accepting the things we feel.


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