Pain is Inevitable

When I was in church yesterday, my sister bothered me while I was praying. She told me that she had dysmenorrhea and was in pain. I ignored her but then I thought: That is the thing about pain, it should hurt.

Pain demands to be felt.
– John Green, The Fault In Our Stars

Everyone feels pain. No one is an exemption. Not all happy people are happy. I’ve watched this movie called Funny People starring Adam Sandler. It is about the life of a comedian who was once very famous for his comedic movies. He makes people happy, he gets paid big time, he has all the luxurious materials but he is not happy. He was lonely. He was in deep pain, emotionally.

Pain is weakness leaving the body
– This Means War

But pain is not forever. It can’t be always there. Sometimes we forget about it. Sometimes it just goes off. Sometimes we give it remedy. The point is that pain will be felt at some time but it will eventually be gone.

That is life. We live. We love. We hurt.
It is always a matter of accepting the things we feel.

Clingy to Basketball

I have mentioned before in one of my blogs that I am a sporty person. There is always gonna be a part of me that is interested in sports. It’s one of my passions in life. Though I’m really not a sports fanatic when it comes to known athletes and teams. I have a brother who is 3 years older than me. He is my sports buddy, in the family, or maybe ever in my life, especially when it comes to Basketball (or just any sport of his interest). Well, we also talk about amazing stuffs about nature (i.g. animals), news, food, some of politics, exercise, basically, life – anything facts. That’s our relationship.


My brother is actually smart. I remember he used to watched TV and would always tune in to National Geographic channel. He also told me a few times how he reads the headlines in Yahoo News. He knows a lot. It’s just unfortunate that he didn’t exercise his mental capability to do something about it. All he wants to do is just play basketball – out in the court or play Xbox’s NBA 2K15. Basketball is practically his life, in the moment.

So we usually talk about basketball stuffs (but not so much that a girl can’t handle). I think it started when I began to sit with him in the living room while we watch basketball on TV. It was NBA Basketball Play-Offs during the time of Dallas Mavericks VS Boston Celtics, I think. I remember I was in my Senior year in high school. Everyone was talking about it, so I got interested. I rooted for Mavericks because I used to like Dirk Nowitzki when I was kid. I thought he was amazing; and he proved it in that season by becoming the MVP.

Then, it became consistent. I always liked the team that is humble, practically what Kuya likes, too. The last NBA Finals was between San Antonio Spurs versus Miami Heat. I was in favor of Spurs because I didn’t want Miami Heat to win, I don’t want Lebron to win. (Sorry Heat fans. Lebron is a great basketball player but he is just so proud and arrogant.) My brother explained me how Spurs is composed of Basketball players of different nationalities. And I think that is pretty cool that different people coming from different cultures came together, building up one strong basketball team. They showed that behind all their differences they learn how to understand one another, and that is what you call cooperation and teamwork.

I also watch with my brother PBA basketball games on TV. He even had a chance to watch it live in Araneta Coliseum – I was supposed to go with him but I was in school that time. He also told me how PBA works; and introduced to me how great are PBA players. (I actually have a crush on Mark Pingris because he is not only good but also handsome, obviously. Who wouldn’t have a crush on good basketball players? I myself is in to them, big time. Their practically my type.)

Anyway, I am not really to talk about NBA or PBA stuffs. I am writing about how I really love to watch a basketball game. Especially when my Brother is playing.

Basketball is not really an easy sport. I tried playing a few times but all I get to do to enjoy it is by shooting hoops. Back in high school, our PE class gave us the opportunity to do different sports. The boys are separated from the girls. So, there was this one time when we played a basketball game; and I really think it was funny when girls play. It’s really weird to see them all going after the ball. Everyone is hungry for it and desperately hoping to shoot into the basket. That is why volleyball is my sport because you get your own designated area and playing position. You can enjoy without having such riot. And besides the fact that there is no physical contact with the opponent.


My brother is pretty good at playing basketball. It is his passion. Whenever there are guest players in our village, he is always in demand. I have seen him play a hundred times, he heats up the game. Well, I guess I’m one of his biggest fans and his ultimate supporter.

There are times when I go out in the afternoon to walk my dogs, I always stop by at the basketball court and watch the game. Sometimes (or maybe most of the times) I’ve been mistaken for hanging out at the court because people think I want some attention from the boys, but That’s Not It! I spend some time there because…
1. I want to watch how great my brother plays.
2. I evaluate the other players – who’s good and who needs improvement.
3. For knowledge. I observe them and their techniques and how the game goes. I came to learn how basketball works.

For your information, my brother is kind of “on top” of the social pyramid in our village. He is kind of the leader of the gang. Some people are “terrified” of him. He is what we call in Filipino “maangas” – it means proud and includes the quality of the bad boys. Well, that’s basketball. They are boys. So, with all these, it makes all the boys in our place avoid doing something bad to me, because I’m the sister. Sometimes, I just don’t want the boys to think that I’m a girl who always need to be treated so gently because I consider myself as “one-of-the-boys”. I just don’t want them to feel that I’m unapproachable, I speak dude language, too.

There was this one time when big brother invited me to come with him and his friends to go watch a basketball league. This league is of composed of properly trained players – former college varsity players, retired PBA players, SK (youth city organization) participants, talented celebrities or just outstanding and passionate basketball players. It is conducted by some local government official, so the cash price is pretty big. The venue is located in the deepest part of the town wherein alot of people were there to watch the game. I was starstrucked. I can’t believe that I’m watching a great game with really good team effort and players with amazing skills. I really enjoyed watching. I even wondered about who the players are and how this league works. Big bro explained it all to me. I told him that it would be good to make a research about the back story of these players and how they end up there.

Basketball is one way on how me and my big brother bond. We would talk about it. I would watch him play. I would support him – by either giving him bet money or be the one to provide him water when he gets thirsty. I would come with him and his friends to watch a game from an outside place (and act like their “muse”). That’s practically it.

One thing I’ve learned from my brother is that Basketball is not for the weak. It’s for tough people who knows how to play hard because basketball is going to be difficult if you are not good at it. They always say “Basketball is more than just a sport” – as well as other sports. Well, I think you will never fully understand what sports is until you put your mind and heart to it.

Film Criticizing Filipino Movies

Last December 29, 2014, my family and I went to watch one of the movie entries in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. I’m a Movie Junkie, so I can’t help but to criticize the film.

First of all, it was morbid. It’s kind of a gross movie. And I really hate those kinds of movie that’s disgusting. (Although it wasn’t all through out). The quality of the movie seems to me has dark lightings. Well, maybe because they intend to do it on purpose. I didn’t like how they shot the different angles, and how I got dizzy – but only on few scenes. Some lines are a bit corny but funny still. The plot was a bit short and fast-paced. Although, I already know why they do it – cut through details and get to the main point. Oh, the song they use in the credits was horrible! It supposed to mean a lot because it should be able to make the audience what the director would want them to feel. But they failed at that, seriously.

Anyway, I am glad I have watched it because it gave me some insights. I may have underestimate the power of Filipinos in making films and TV series but I will always believe in our capacity to improve. We are better at some things. But still, there are times wherein we can’t help stereotype SOME Philippine Films.

I’ve watched tons of Filipino movies. I remember when I was kid, I used to hang out on Cinema One. I kept watching Filipino stuffs over and iver again. (So, I guess I really don’t have much of a colonial mentality – maybe I just grew up and liked Hollywood alot)
I know it’s hard to be like Hollywood – ofcourse it is. Hollywood is Hollywood. We can never compete with that. All I’m saying, we have an entire life to make some improvements to become better at making films 🙂