Chick Lit: What You Do To Me

Sometimes when people know that you are reading a Chick Lit book, they assume that you are one hopeless romantic person. I love reading those kind of books (but it doesn’t mean that is the only genre I read). Chick lit novels are definitely shallow and mostly dreamy. It is very idealistic that it portrays what the readers want to feel about love and relationships. It always has the cliche thing – girl meets boy, they fall in love and kiss, boy makes girl problematic and she cries, but in the end, something happens and Happy Ending! But ofcourse, it doesn’t mean that all chicklit novels have the same plot. They differ in each way. 2 weeks ago, I finished this book called “Real Life Boyfriends – Ruby Oliver Novel”. It made me smile. I felt so happy with the ending. It showed how young and naive teenagers become mature about their relationships as they face struggles. The main character encounter difficulties in her relationship with her boyfriend. Only to know, the way to get through him is to have some space. Then, it allows you to have deep understanding of each other. Then the book ended happily πŸ™‚ They made up without having the talk; it seems like nothing ever happened between them. They just make-out and boom! Makes your heart smiling πŸ˜€

After reading that book, I read ‘To All The Boys I’ve Before’ by Jenny Han. This is the second book series that I’ve read of her. (First was ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ trilogy.) And yes, there would be a 2nd book to this that will be published next year entitled ‘P.S. I Still Love You’. Definitely there should be a sequel because this book left me hanging, so are the thousand girls who have read it. I like Jenny Han’s writing because it seems so family-oriented which is good for me because I grew up believing in that kind of principle. It’s not some typical romance novel about the main couple, its about the factors that affect the relationship and how it also builds them up to be mature about it.

So the book is about how this inexperienced 16-year old girl suddenly had troubles with boys when her ‘farewell letters’ got sent (which are not supposed to be because those were only to remind her that she has moved on from those guys). There. I don’t want to spoil.

Main realization: books, they just surprise you. Different books, different authors… they just give you different views in life, love and relationship. Whether it is a classic novel, sci-fi, fantasy or even comic books, it teaches you alot – things you don’t know before. I may not have much any experience on love and relationships – or maybe not at all- but through these lovely books, I keep learning πŸ™‚ So, don’t tell me that I’m not in the position to give relationship advice! Hahaha just kidding πŸ˜€ but I know some, you know πŸ™‚


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