My life in sports

Sports has been one of my amazing talents. I love doing physical activities. It gives me the pleasure to be able to put out my energy in a friendly way.
When I was in highschool, I always join the sports intramurals, and participate in running marathon, volleyball, futsal, dance, cheering, etc. I like to do and volunteer as long as Kinesthetics is involved. I love the feeling of satisfaction.

Of all the sports I know how to play, volleyball is my passion. I have been playing volleyball ever since I was in gradeschool. I just fell in love with it. I didn’t do spiking before, my bestfriends did. I didn’t join the volleyball varsity in highschool but I joined the pep band (you know where you hit the drums, I played the big bass ones). I have experienced playing the drums in one home-based game and that’s it. I realized it was for boys.

When I entered college, I thought it would be a fresh start. I joined the volleyball team, for a try. The first reason that I did is because I didn’t like my school so I said this would be it. Second reason is because I love playing volleyball, and I guess I have to learn more. I’m glad I did join the varsity team. It really taught me alot – develop my skills in volleyball (before, I was only the libero and the setter now I now how to spike). It taught me discipline, camaraderie, and authority. I learned how people are so different. I realized how important the role of the coach is. And how you get to learn from mistakes, even of others. I learned to value perseverance and determination through hardwork. Giving up is not an option, it just makes you weak.

I enjoyed my experience during trainings – doing tough drills, and ofcourse, bonding with teammates. Though, I can’t imagine myself doing it now because of my heart condition. I easily ran out of breath that my heart beats so fast. It is what they call ‘palpitation’.

The reason why I wrote this: I am not really that athletic that I work out alot. No, I’m not. I think I am just sporty. I just love doing works that make me perspire a.k.a. do volley, go jogging, shoot some balls, dance, etc.

One afternoon, I was waiting for my sister by the grassland of our school. And I was watching the soccer team practice. I easily distinguished who is better than the other. There were also althletics – they play sports in the oval field i.g. javelin throw, disc, running. I was delighted with the feeling of how they enjoy themselves through sports. It is different from any other things you do on leisure time. You have FUN.


One Desparate Movie Junkie

Because I am so tired from paying a visit to the dead from Manila North Cemetery – one of the biggest cemetery in the country, not to mention, the most crowded one. Soooo, I am so desperate to watch a movie, and I am having a dilemma.

I was asking my sister what to watch. I asked her which actor is good to watch: Ryan Reynolds? Blake Lively? Leonardo? Jude Law? Amanda Seyfried? I don’t wanna watch action because I don’t want to have thrilled emotions. I don’t want sci-fi because I don’t want to process my mind. I am also not up to watching drama, I don’t want to feel sad. I would want rom-com, but too cliche.

So I found myself typing ‘comedy movies’ on google search. Too much for Movie Junkie? 😀

And I end up choosing ‘Wedding Crashers’ starring Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams. Let’s see if it would satisfy me. :)))