Jogging: A Way of Relaxation

My dad asked me why I went out and walked the dogs when I have headache. Well, it’s my way of relaxation. I thought my headache will fade if I took a walk. So, I brought my dogs Justine and Barney, along with my niece, Nicole. I got my headphones on and just play some music. We went on a few rounds only because my head couldn’t take the feeling of exhaustion. When I got home, I tried relaxing by laying on my bed with a cap on my head and still playing music. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. My head hurts since midnight, til morning and up to now.

I used to go for a run on a regular basis just to blow off some steam. I do it when I get home from school. I like the environment at dawn. It makes me more relaxed than jogging early in the morning. Sometimes I am just too sleepy to do it at sunrise. And it is soothing to jog at night and only focusing on your breathing and the music, less people. I always wear my earphones as I go jogging. That is how I get motivated. I enjoy it especially with the right sort of music. Music influences me too much. Whatever the song is and its meaning, I get too clingy to it and too emotional that I think of stuffs like issues or the past. I find peace at that kind of moment. Sometimes, if I could only cry while jogging I would. But usually I have a straight face like every jogger has.

Well, I miss jogging. I haven’t had much time to do it again because of being held up with school works or sometimes I’m just too tired to force myself. I miss perspiration and the feeling of satisfaction after a run. I’m getting fat and I need to release some calories. Now, it’s my semestral break, bad timing, I’ve got my menstrual period and I feel sick. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be fine. I just want to feel that feeling again.


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