Holidays are for forgetting reality and just having some time to think…

Last night, well actually from midnight til 2 am, I was up watching this movie called ‘The Holiday’ starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Black Jack. I thought it would be just another romantic sucker movie but I was wrong, partly. Ofcourse every romantic movie has a common denominator – you know who ends up in the end, or who falls in love, and that there will always be a happy ending (well not all, for example ‘One Day’) I don’t know if I just exaggerated my emotions or it was really a great movie. Or maybe because I was just looking for something to make me feel great. Anyways, it was totally a worth it movie to stay up all night.

It is amazing how sometimes when you try to move on, you can’t, unless you found someone new. (Oh, wait I think I can relate, just kidding) Yah, but that is true. So the two leading ladies in the movie switch places – England and Los Angeles. They both wanted space to forget this particular guy who broke their hearts. Then, it turns out, they meet someone which was related to the other person – which ofcourse they fall in love with.

Cutting it short. It made me feel so inlove. In the case of Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, the words Jude Law said: ‘I’m running out of reasons why we shouldn’t’. He said this upon asking Cameron on a date, having her known for days. I think it was the sweetest tag line I have ever heard. It was smooth but really sweet. I liked it when Kate Winslet and Black Jack both said ‘no’ to another chance from the person who hurt them.

No matter how much you want to make it work, sometimes, some things just don’t fit together. That is why you have to let go of something or someone that holds you back. It is important to be happy for yourself, and not because you made someone happy. Yes, it may seem too selfish but I think that is good, because the most important person to love is yourself.

But seriously, I found myself saying these words out loud while I was watching: “Oh My God! This movie is so GREAT! Exactly what I needed.” I am a huge fan of romantic-comedy movies. People may see me as hopeless romantic or a sucker for love, well, I call it meditating =D. It is the time for me to be relaxed. It’s the only time when I feel loved just like how the characters feel loved. I may not be experiencing being in love at the moment but through these movies, I gain experience.

But there is a downside, I know. In the end, I’ll realize these are all fantasies, not all of it happen in real life. Well, that part sucks, and that is why Hollywood is very influential. They make you feel and realize things but then they are all stories made up by professional writers. But, hey! Who cares?! As long as you feel that satisfaction and bliss… keep dreaming, keep believing. Then later, you’ll find yourself directing your own movie.

To sum it up, watch this movie ‘The Holiday’ tell me if I just overwhelmed myself too much or if it is indeed a good movie šŸ™‚


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