In our family, we practice a very close relationship with each other. Spending quality time is one the few things that I am proud that we have as a family. You know some families don’t even see or talk to each other. Some siblings are more like acquaintances to one another. But we are not like them. I keep a close relationship with my big brother and younger sister. My brother and me look like twins, like most people would say. Well, we both like sports and movies. While my sister, well, we like have this telepathic communication. In short, we know each other just like gums hold our teeth (weird metaphor). I love them both equally. Like siblings, we have our moments -caring & touching times and ofcourse, our fight scenes.

Meanwhile, I am very open to my parents. Well, not very very open. Ofcourse, I get to keep some much personal stuffs from them. Everyone does. Innately in me, I tell them stories about school, my friends & experiences in Manila. Well, I am closer to my dad because we have alot of things in common – creativity, green thumb, considerate & not to mention our being careless at times i.e. getting our cellphones snatched atleast thrice. “I am my Father’s Daughter.” Mom has raised me to be generous. And that is one thing I got from her. Also, I’m starting to become a nagger (besides the fact that I’m gonna be a teacher).

But you know every family has this one trait they all share together that makes them unique. Well, for us, we are all WARFREAKS! Yupp, it runs in the family. But each of us has different styles of being a warfreak.

Let’s start of with the youngest in our family, my sister. Angeli has a really shy type of personality. She’s doesn’t really argue her point but she knows how to scold at people. She’s still learning.
My brother – well he is a bully ever since we were kids. He is a bully to everyone under him. He’s the type of “maangas” but not to the extent that he physically hurt people. He has temper issues but he damn knows how to control them. He has been into fights because of basketball games but he never really gone physical. He knows how to balance anger and control.
Mom – she is a natural nagger so she is always straight to the point. But she always tell us that we can keep fighting for something as long as we are in the right position with the right reasons.
Dad – I think he is the biggest warfreak of all! He easily looses his temper to annoying and arrogant people. He is the type of man that takes of his seatbelt, gets out of the car and yell at the traffic enforcer. That’s how tough he is. Scarrryyy. Well, you can’t blame him for growing up in Zamboanga.

I would like to quote what my brother said to my aunt when she said “Ang warfreak mo talaga” upon blowing a horn to a pedestrian…
He said “Paano ako di magiging warfreak? Nanay ko laking Tondo, Tatay ko bisaya.” :)))

Well, my style of warfreak is being vocal about my thoughts. Before I was such an immature and egoistic person. Now, I am very careful with my words and actions. I only create an argument when I feel like there is so much issues to hold that need to be addressed. I’m more considerate and understanding now. You can’t blame other people for being who they are.

Just learn to accept the differences between people. The world is filled with difficult people. It’s up to you how to deal with that.


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