My Baby Keera, I will miss you </3


This is Keera. She was the puppy of our dog named Justine. Justine had four puppies when she gave birth. We gave away two of them. The first born died. The other belongs to my sister’s friend, that puppy is named Hash. Keera and Barney were left for us. Barney belongs to my aunt but since she just lives in a nearby subdivision, we could say Barney is still ours, too. Keera lived with us. She was my baby girl. I call her Keerabells. Well, I name her Keera because she looked like a werewolf, and I was thinking of the song ‘She Wolf’ by Shakira. So, I named her after Shakira. She was black, despite her mother’s color who is pure white, because the father is apparently black which really looks like her. But she was pretty. Her colors were perfectly combined in a beautiful way.

Whenever I get home, and I see her adorable face by our gate, I feel relieved from all the stress from school and all the commuting. She mad me happy by seeing her being happy that she sees me. She was so cute when she attacks me and she automatically laid down to have her tummy touched and be tickled. I liked the way how she used to stand with her two legs and do these small jumps. I loved the way how she used to lick my cheek when I carry her and she sent me those tingles all over my face. I love the way how I felt she loved me because she liked attacking my face and even kissed me on my lips.

But all of these are just memories. She is dead. And it’s been only three days since she’s been gone. Honestly, I was trying to hold my tears while writing this. But I just can’t. And now, the song ‘Wherever You Are’ by 5 Seconds of Summer started playing which made me more emotional. She was infected by this virus that was air borne. Actually, Barney was the first one who got sick, but he is well now. Keera became sick after. It infected her much worse than Barney that she wasn’t able to fight it no more. I got the news that she was very ill when I was in school around noon. My aunt told me that she couldn’t get up anymore. I unexpectedly cried. She was brought to the veterinarian clinic for the night. The next morning, the news came that she is gone.

The whole family was about to go to church in Batangas except me because I thought we had make up classes. When they left, I had the opportunity to cry. When I did, I couldn’t stop. I had the house alone to myself. I was so weak. I can’t believe the fact that my baby is gone. And now that we only have Barney left, I think I want to give him away. At first, I said I didn’t want to, but as I try to play him, it just reminds me of my Keerabells and how he would never be like her. No one could ever replace my Keera. Like my mom said it was never about her color and looks, it’s about her attitude.

I miss her so much… I’m so broken hearted. I still can’t believe my baby is gone… I don’t know what to do ;(((

“How can you let go of something if you had too many good memories?”

10409173_901964966484449_4885062215561943283_n – this is the only video clip that I have with her…


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