Do not attract the wrong people

We all know that Sunday is Family Day, you attend mass and go to the mall. Well, we usually attend masses at the mall, so it is pretty convenient for us. Along with that, Sunday is the time for me to go get dress up so fashionably. I like wearing dresses, skirts and top combinations. It depends on what kind of look I want for that day, may it be elegant, punky, girl-next-door type, or kinda daring. I think I never wore just pants & shirt to church. Then, I also put on make up, curl up my lashes, put some blush on and paint my lips red. So that is how I like my Sunday to be, you know to be presentable. My only time to be pretty than my usual aura.

Since we are already in the mall, we did some buying for things we need at home like groceries or any supplies. That time, my dad needed to buy this thing for our leaking faucet in an appliance store. Most of us know, an appliance store is filled with dudes to assist customers. So, I (being at my Sunday’s best) attracts some of them which is kind of annoying. I didn’t entertain them ofcourse. I’ve learned that there are only few stores that I’ve been to with feeling the same way: Appliance, Music (Guitars & etc.) and lastly, Sports. Well, there are other places that seem awkward to different people. But I don’t know how to address a salesMAN  properly without feeling what? intimidated? awkward?

One thing is for sure, ACT COOL around them.


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