Jogging: A Way of Relaxation

My dad asked me why I went out and walked the dogs when I have headache. Well, it’s my way of relaxation. I thought my headache will fade if I took a walk. So, I brought my dogs Justine and Barney, along with my niece, Nicole. I got my headphones on and just play some music. We went on a few rounds only because my head couldn’t take the feeling of exhaustion. When I got home, I tried relaxing by laying on my bed with a cap on my head and still playing music. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. My head hurts since midnight, til morning and up to now.

I used to go for a run on a regular basis just to blow off some steam. I do it when I get home from school. I like the environment at dawn. It makes me more relaxed than jogging early in the morning. Sometimes I am just too sleepy to do it at sunrise. And it is soothing to jog at night and only focusing on your breathing and the music, less people. I always wear my earphones as I go jogging. That is how I get motivated. I enjoy it especially with the right sort of music. Music influences me too much. Whatever the song is and its meaning, I get too clingy to it and too emotional that I think of stuffs like issues or the past. I find peace at that kind of moment. Sometimes, if I could only cry while jogging I would. But usually I have a straight face like every jogger has.

Well, I miss jogging. I haven’t had much time to do it again because of being held up with school works or sometimes I’m just too tired to force myself. I miss perspiration and the feeling of satisfaction after a run. I’m getting fat and I need to release some calories. Now, it’s my semestral break, bad timing, I’ve got my menstrual period and I feel sick. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be fine. I just want to feel that feeling again.


Holidays are for forgetting reality and just having some time to think…

Last night, well actually from midnight til 2 am, I was up watching this movie called ‘The Holiday’ starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Black Jack. I thought it would be just another romantic sucker movie but I was wrong, partly. Ofcourse every romantic movie has a common denominator – you know who ends up in the end, or who falls in love, and that there will always be a happy ending (well not all, for example ‘One Day’) I don’t know if I just exaggerated my emotions or it was really a great movie. Or maybe because I was just looking for something to make me feel great. Anyways, it was totally a worth it movie to stay up all night.

It is amazing how sometimes when you try to move on, you can’t, unless you found someone new. (Oh, wait I think I can relate, just kidding) Yah, but that is true. So the two leading ladies in the movie switch places – England and Los Angeles. They both wanted space to forget this particular guy who broke their hearts. Then, it turns out, they meet someone which was related to the other person – which ofcourse they fall in love with.

Cutting it short. It made me feel so inlove. In the case of Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, the words Jude Law said: ‘I’m running out of reasons why we shouldn’t’. He said this upon asking Cameron on a date, having her known for days. I think it was the sweetest tag line I have ever heard. It was smooth but really sweet. I liked it when Kate Winslet and Black Jack both said ‘no’ to another chance from the person who hurt them.

No matter how much you want to make it work, sometimes, some things just don’t fit together. That is why you have to let go of something or someone that holds you back. It is important to be happy for yourself, and not because you made someone happy. Yes, it may seem too selfish but I think that is good, because the most important person to love is yourself.

But seriously, I found myself saying these words out loud while I was watching: “Oh My God! This movie is so GREAT! Exactly what I needed.” I am a huge fan of romantic-comedy movies. People may see me as hopeless romantic or a sucker for love, well, I call it meditating =D. It is the time for me to be relaxed. It’s the only time when I feel loved just like how the characters feel loved. I may not be experiencing being in love at the moment but through these movies, I gain experience.

But there is a downside, I know. In the end, I’ll realize these are all fantasies, not all of it happen in real life. Well, that part sucks, and that is why Hollywood is very influential. They make you feel and realize things but then they are all stories made up by professional writers. But, hey! Who cares?! As long as you feel that satisfaction and bliss… keep dreaming, keep believing. Then later, you’ll find yourself directing your own movie.

To sum it up, watch this movie ‘The Holiday’ tell me if I just overwhelmed myself too much or if it is indeed a good movie 🙂


In our family, we practice a very close relationship with each other. Spending quality time is one the few things that I am proud that we have as a family. You know some families don’t even see or talk to each other. Some siblings are more like acquaintances to one another. But we are not like them. I keep a close relationship with my big brother and younger sister. My brother and me look like twins, like most people would say. Well, we both like sports and movies. While my sister, well, we like have this telepathic communication. In short, we know each other just like gums hold our teeth (weird metaphor). I love them both equally. Like siblings, we have our moments -caring & touching times and ofcourse, our fight scenes.

Meanwhile, I am very open to my parents. Well, not very very open. Ofcourse, I get to keep some much personal stuffs from them. Everyone does. Innately in me, I tell them stories about school, my friends & experiences in Manila. Well, I am closer to my dad because we have alot of things in common – creativity, green thumb, considerate & not to mention our being careless at times i.e. getting our cellphones snatched atleast thrice. “I am my Father’s Daughter.” Mom has raised me to be generous. And that is one thing I got from her. Also, I’m starting to become a nagger (besides the fact that I’m gonna be a teacher).

But you know every family has this one trait they all share together that makes them unique. Well, for us, we are all WARFREAKS! Yupp, it runs in the family. But each of us has different styles of being a warfreak.

Let’s start of with the youngest in our family, my sister. Angeli has a really shy type of personality. She’s doesn’t really argue her point but she knows how to scold at people. She’s still learning.
My brother – well he is a bully ever since we were kids. He is a bully to everyone under him. He’s the type of “maangas” but not to the extent that he physically hurt people. He has temper issues but he damn knows how to control them. He has been into fights because of basketball games but he never really gone physical. He knows how to balance anger and control.
Mom – she is a natural nagger so she is always straight to the point. But she always tell us that we can keep fighting for something as long as we are in the right position with the right reasons.
Dad – I think he is the biggest warfreak of all! He easily looses his temper to annoying and arrogant people. He is the type of man that takes of his seatbelt, gets out of the car and yell at the traffic enforcer. That’s how tough he is. Scarrryyy. Well, you can’t blame him for growing up in Zamboanga.

I would like to quote what my brother said to my aunt when she said “Ang warfreak mo talaga” upon blowing a horn to a pedestrian…
He said “Paano ako di magiging warfreak? Nanay ko laking Tondo, Tatay ko bisaya.” :)))

Well, my style of warfreak is being vocal about my thoughts. Before I was such an immature and egoistic person. Now, I am very careful with my words and actions. I only create an argument when I feel like there is so much issues to hold that need to be addressed. I’m more considerate and understanding now. You can’t blame other people for being who they are.

Just learn to accept the differences between people. The world is filled with difficult people. It’s up to you how to deal with that.

My Baby Keera, I will miss you </3


This is Keera. She was the puppy of our dog named Justine. Justine had four puppies when she gave birth. We gave away two of them. The first born died. The other belongs to my sister’s friend, that puppy is named Hash. Keera and Barney were left for us. Barney belongs to my aunt but since she just lives in a nearby subdivision, we could say Barney is still ours, too. Keera lived with us. She was my baby girl. I call her Keerabells. Well, I name her Keera because she looked like a werewolf, and I was thinking of the song ‘She Wolf’ by Shakira. So, I named her after Shakira. She was black, despite her mother’s color who is pure white, because the father is apparently black which really looks like her. But she was pretty. Her colors were perfectly combined in a beautiful way.

Whenever I get home, and I see her adorable face by our gate, I feel relieved from all the stress from school and all the commuting. She mad me happy by seeing her being happy that she sees me. She was so cute when she attacks me and she automatically laid down to have her tummy touched and be tickled. I liked the way how she used to stand with her two legs and do these small jumps. I loved the way how she used to lick my cheek when I carry her and she sent me those tingles all over my face. I love the way how I felt she loved me because she liked attacking my face and even kissed me on my lips.

But all of these are just memories. She is dead. And it’s been only three days since she’s been gone. Honestly, I was trying to hold my tears while writing this. But I just can’t. And now, the song ‘Wherever You Are’ by 5 Seconds of Summer started playing which made me more emotional. She was infected by this virus that was air borne. Actually, Barney was the first one who got sick, but he is well now. Keera became sick after. It infected her much worse than Barney that she wasn’t able to fight it no more. I got the news that she was very ill when I was in school around noon. My aunt told me that she couldn’t get up anymore. I unexpectedly cried. She was brought to the veterinarian clinic for the night. The next morning, the news came that she is gone.

The whole family was about to go to church in Batangas except me because I thought we had make up classes. When they left, I had the opportunity to cry. When I did, I couldn’t stop. I had the house alone to myself. I was so weak. I can’t believe the fact that my baby is gone. And now that we only have Barney left, I think I want to give him away. At first, I said I didn’t want to, but as I try to play him, it just reminds me of my Keerabells and how he would never be like her. No one could ever replace my Keera. Like my mom said it was never about her color and looks, it’s about her attitude.

I miss her so much… I’m so broken hearted. I still can’t believe my baby is gone… I don’t know what to do ;(((

“How can you let go of something if you had too many good memories?”

10409173_901964966484449_4885062215561943283_n – this is the only video clip that I have with her…

Do not attract the wrong people

We all know that Sunday is Family Day, you attend mass and go to the mall. Well, we usually attend masses at the mall, so it is pretty convenient for us. Along with that, Sunday is the time for me to go get dress up so fashionably. I like wearing dresses, skirts and top combinations. It depends on what kind of look I want for that day, may it be elegant, punky, girl-next-door type, or kinda daring. I think I never wore just pants & shirt to church. Then, I also put on make up, curl up my lashes, put some blush on and paint my lips red. So that is how I like my Sunday to be, you know to be presentable. My only time to be pretty than my usual aura.

Since we are already in the mall, we did some buying for things we need at home like groceries or any supplies. That time, my dad needed to buy this thing for our leaking faucet in an appliance store. Most of us know, an appliance store is filled with dudes to assist customers. So, I (being at my Sunday’s best) attracts some of them which is kind of annoying. I didn’t entertain them ofcourse. I’ve learned that there are only few stores that I’ve been to with feeling the same way: Appliance, Music (Guitars & etc.) and lastly, Sports. Well, there are other places that seem awkward to different people. But I don’t know how to address a salesMAN  properly without feeling what? intimidated? awkward?

One thing is for sure, ACT COOL around them.