LOL (my first ever blog post!)

“Laughing-Out-Loud” that is what LOL usually stands for. People send, through chat or sms, the abbreviation ‘LOL’ as a sign of expression that they are literally laughing-out-loud or just even having that huge smile on their faces. Well, for me I use it when a person text me about something really funny or tell me something that is impossible.

But my view of the letter combination, LOL, changed when I watched Miley Cyrus’ movie LOL. For your information, Miley Cyrus has been my ultimate idol. Don’t judge me too quickly, I idolize her for how she inspired me even before she was tongue-out, twerking, banana eating Miley.The Miley that inspired me was the one with the long drizzly brown hair and the odd big smile. The person who taught me that we can always have the Best Of Both Worlds. I love her and I understand the reason behind her enormous transformation. She still inspires me to ‘Be Myself’ 😀 – Well, that is just it for telling a side about me and my Idol, going back to her movie LOL.

The movie LOL, dated 2012, was about a teenager experiencing life how she taught she should live it. She explored the world of boys, particularly, she fell inlove with what it seems to be her bestfriend. I love the movie, besides the fact Douglas Booth was just so adorable, it brought alot of values that every dramatic teenager falsely view about things. Anyway, getting to the point, in the movie, LOL means, beside the nickname of Lola, Miley’s name in that movie, it also means LOVE OUT LOUD. So that is what my blog is all bout. I want to send out LOVE sooo LOUD that people get to feel it. I think it is very important that people just don’t say it, you have to show it. Dude, “Walk The Talk!”


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